Wednesday, January 11, 2006


1. I might be a Hank Williams fan now.
2. Even though The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is kind of a silly book (I cried. Darn it!), the discussion tomorrow with my book club will rock, because I am leading it.
3. I should go to the doctor about my sore throat. No, I shouldn't go to the doctor about my sore throat.
4. Oh, to get my 2 1/2 year old to sleep through the night!
5. Samuel Alito seems to be holding up okay. I think I'd vote for his confirmation.
6. White House Press Secretary is the WORST job in the world.
7. What if my thoughts were numbered like this in my brain?
8. What were the makers of Dinotopia thinking making a four hour movie?
9. Syphilus in Baltimore. Books could be written.
10. I love my new lime boucle socks from Dillards.
11. I wish I could get that video clip on to play of my old roommate's best friend's encounter with a robber and how she did all the right things to stay safe. I'm glad she's okay and I hope she still listens to Alanis Morissette a lot.
12. What happened to Carly and Marcy and will they be coming back?
13. I really ought to come up with something clever to say for that special time when next my inquisitive neighbor tells me I look pregnant. . .because of the glow, only because of the glow.
14. She'll be the last person to know if I ever get pregnant.
15. I have a simple mind. And I'm tired. See number 4.
16. If someone is considering buying a gift for me, I would like a Simple Minds CD. And also Hank Williams.


Suzie Petunia said...

Doesn't your brain feel better now after getting that all out? :)
1. Who is Hank Williams?
2.Go to the doctor about your sore throat.
3. I'm going to need more info about Syphilus in Baltimore before I can make any comment about that.
4. What are lime boucle socks? Is boucle a brand? A name? A style? I'm so out of it.
5. Who was robbed???!
6. Tell her you glow because of the gospel. :) Or exposure to nuclear radiation.
7. Your mind is anything but simple.
8. I miss you and Steve and the kids.

amyjune said...

Did the lady who was robbed have the last name of Hirsche? I saw her this morning on some morning news show and she just looked Mormon.

c jane said...

Gargle 8 oz of water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper for your sore throat.

Thank me later.

ahc said...

That was your old roommate that got robbed at the cash-a-check store?!! Oh my goodness! She's been all over the news. She said that she learned her tactics for escaping her attacker from an Oprah episode.

Check the KSL (Utah channel 5) website to see if they have the clip.

ahc said...

I just checked-- it's on the KSL site.

amye said...

Hank Williams is pretty much the father of country music. He was known as a hillbilly singer in his day. He died at age 29 in 1953 in the back seat of a car that was taking him to a gig in Indiana, of an overdose of alcohol and various painkillers. I grew up listening to his music on the one countrified station we had in town, all through the 50's and 60's. I liked that sort of music then, but wished for something more sophisticated. Now I really like it. Van Zeiler, who played Hank Williams in the Herberger Theater production, was amazing!