Monday, January 23, 2006

The saddest story

Last summer, in Phoenix, a woman came home from a birthday party to find her parents and brother murdered, and her two children missing. It was believed that her husband had killed her family members when they would not let him take his children, and then he fled with the children to Mexico. She pled for the safe return of the children.

Then, the children were found safe in Mexico, the man arrested and eventually extradited back to the US, and a reunion was organized for the mom with her kids. There was much media attention through the whole ordeal. The community seemed relieved that there was something of a happy ending for this woman who had already been through so much.

This weekend, the little girl, 4 years old, was playing in a parking lot with her mother standing feet away. The little girl was hit by a 72-year-old man in a truck who got out to check the damage of his truck before glancing at the child and getting back in and driving away. The mother was hysterical. The little girl died.

So, in summary, parents and brother are brutally murdered, two children are kidnapped, long search for children, children are found in Mexico, joyful reunion with children, community rallies around. Six months later, daughter is killed in accident by heartless man in hit-and-run.

My heart aches for this mom.


Lorien said...

Ugh. not too much is worse than this story. In my opinion, there is a cozy place in Hell for people who do these sorts of things to other people.

wendy said...

That is heartbreaking!

amye said...

This story has consumed my thoughts today, too.

amyjune said...

Did they find the guy? I can't imagine how tragic that would be. How horrible.

Emily said...

Yeah, they found the driver.