Sunday, July 23, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Why This Weekend Confused Me

10. Lloyd, or is it Floyd, Landis won the Tour de France, but apparently he has trouble walking across a room. Pain was his motivator to push himself. Huh?

9. I was really, really counting on Coronado/San Diego to be COOL this weekend, as in temperature-wise. Oh, but it was not.

8. My brother references South Park as a springboard for an earnest discussion on Mormonism.

7. We were guests in the home of a person with whom my husband has a very unusual relationship...his boss.

6. An airline can make two pieces of checked baggage disappear into thin air, even on a 45-minute direct flight. Truly amazing.

5. I had no idea how lost I would feel getting ready for church this morning without a brush, blow dryer, single piece of make-up, eyeglasses, favorite bra, Shade Clothing tees in assorted colors, cute black dress I bought in a boutique in Portland, contact case, nail clippers... I could go on. And on. And on. I had no choice but to curse the incompetence of the airline employees, and then cry.

4. When I parked our car at the airport on Thursday ==> half tank of gas. When we got in it to drive home Saturday ==> almost completely empty. Were we the victims of a senseless siphoning crime?

3. Apparently people knowingly sign themselves up to work and live on aircraft carriers. Excuse me, but I toured one yesterday and it is the pits. Noooooooo, thank you. Uh-uh.

2. My nieces start school tomorrow and their school is not on a year-round schedule. (Or is it?) (Good luck on your first day of kindergarten, Gracie! Try not to focus too much on the fact that it's still the middle of JULY.)

1. Valuable tip I picked up from the most lavishly wealthy person I have ever met: buy bags of ice at Sonic.


sarah said...

a) You went to church with no make-up?!!
b) Have they found your luggage yet?
c) I have tried to buy ice at Sonic, per the advice of a friend, but they are always out!
d) Yep, Grace started Kindergarten today and was way excited. I am not crazy about this all-day K thing though.
e) and yes, they are on a year-round schedule
f) I could go ono and on. I just need to call you...

Emily said...

Okay, I made a Saturday night run to the store and bought mascara and powder. But that was it. They finally found the luggage and should be delivering it soon. Hallelujah!

neil and diana said...

I am glad you made it back. Let's visit soon.

Emmie said...

On behalf of SoCal, I'd like to apologize for the heat wave. We had a huge amount of visitors attend our ward this weekend (we get all the beach house people), and the chapel was abuzz with:

"Why is it so hot?? How long will it last? Is it always this hot???"

Good questions. I'm asking my native SoCal husband the same ones.

And I'm so sorry about your luggage!

ahc said...

Love your list! :) You are so cute!

p.s. Is this the same Emily I know? Buying a dress in a BOUTIQUE???!!!!