Tuesday, July 04, 2006


My kids were thoroughly unimpressed by the four (four!) fireworks shows we could see from the balcony at Steve's office. Just like I would have been when I was a kid. Bo-o-o-o-o-ring.

Other things I thought were boring: Sea World, zoos, New Year's Eve, the Grand Canyon. I've only started to like these things since I've had kids who could get excited about them. But they don't; they take after their mom. They'd rather be playing strategic board games with their dad.

Just like I would. I'm so proud.

Post script: We recently spent a week in which we went to wedding festivities, swam in the hotel pool, spent a day at the beach, went to Disneyland and California Adventure, played with cousins, et cetera. "Aaron, what was your favorite part of our trip?" Without hesitation: "At the hotel, when the couch pulled out into a bed. That was so awesome!"


pepper said...

How about one year old birthday parties with bounce houses, catered meals and treats, and live goldfish as party favors. Does not even old enough to remember what is going on count as overrated?

Suzie Petunia said...

Aaron would LOVE our house! We now have a pull-out bed! If you come again it is ALL HIS!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yeah, we NEVER go on vacation. The last time was 1999, and my daughters still gush over the phone in the bathroom and the object of their pre-teen heart's desire; cable T.V. After having our room picked up and our beds made by someone else, they asked if we could just live in a hotel.

ahc said...

Every spring my family would make a journey from our home in Maryland down to visit my granparents in Florida. During our visit, we would hit up just about every major theme park in the Orlando area. During the return trip to MD we would review the events of the vacation and, undoubtedly, we would always say that our favorite thing that we did was catch lizards at my grandparents' house. If only my parents would have remembered that! It sure would have saved them A LOT of money!!

Michelle said...

You were at Disneyland and didn't call me?? :( Call us next time - we'd love to set our girls up with boys that like strategic board games. :)