Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Miss Me

Jumping on an offer this weekend for a spontaneous, all-expense-paid trip to gorgeous Coronado, California, where the average high temperature in July is 73 degrees. Forecast in Phoenix this weekend: 111 degrees. Ahh, how I will not miss those 37 degrees. Going to walk on some beautiful beaches, maybe shop at some chichi shops, read some 1776, and eat some good food, whilst my husband is anxiously embroiled in a new case for work.

Alas, it will not all be effortless and carefree: I will be staying at someone's house with whom I am not entirely at ease and hanging out with older, richer women whom I do not know. (Ought I to give a gift to the hostess for her hospitality? What is the expectation for business trips? What do I get for the most lavishly wealthy person I have ever met??)

Anyway, did I mention 37 degrees cooler? Nice restaurants? The beach?

It was a tough decision.


neil and diana said...

I wish you a luxuriously relaxed weekend, my dear. On the gift question, I have no idea. Does Steve know the people with whom you're staying? Plants are always nice ... or Godiva chocolates ... or fancy cookies or something (e.g., from Cost Plus, Williams-Sonoma, Trader Joe's, etc.). Have a great time!!

c jane said...

When I stayed at the Nielson's in March I bought the woman of the household bowls from Urban Outfitters. Something unique is always cherished no matter how rich.
Speaking of cherish, enjoy your weekend. Cherish it.

Emily said...

Wait, I am revising my math. 38 degrees. Except that the forecast for Friday is now 115, so that math is much too hard for me.

D and C, your comments noted and appreciated. Now I fear I do not have time to buy a gift. Also, should I dress up for the plane ride? So many things I don't know.

Sarah said...

Yep, I say dress up a little. You don't want to look slouchy when you first meet them. Be comfortable though.