Monday, January 09, 2012


I wanted to recap 2011 with facebook status updates, but facebook thinks it's smarter than me and only shows me ones it thinks are important. Facebook is sort of lame that way.

My memory is the worst thing I have, so if something isn't written down, it didn't happen. Also, I hate writing down stuff.

Here are a few things I remember, in two minutes or less:

drove to San Francisco with the family
drove to Oregon Coast with Steve's family
van engine died en route home from Oregon
new car! that we weren't financially prepared to buy! but we made it work anyway!
controversy with the cousins
Isaac got baptized
Elliot got the Priesthood
Norah and preschool = good idea
Calvin sailed down Apple Ave. on a rolling football and didn't die
Aaron made duct tape creations
continued to love this
didn't blog
especially didn't twitter
chose to not care about pinterest
tried to learn some Chinese
started a book club

Two minutes are up. Maybe I'll remember more another time. Probably not.
For the record, I'm not nearly as negative about 2011 as the tone of this post suggests. It was pretty good.


abby said...

I loved that we got to spend so much of 2011 with the Craigs.

Jord said...

You've sold me. My first birchbox comes next month!

Sarah said...

I'm loving my birchbox too. And my first box was full of things I don't really love, it was just exciting to get a suprise package in the mail. Sort of like a grab bag at King's, you know. The excitement is in the discovery. Can't wait for next month.

amyegodfrey said...

Me, too, Abby! I especially loved that San Francisco trip. I like your list, Emily. I like the King's reference, Sarah. And I think I'm finally going to hook up with a birchbox.