Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I like that my blog is boring.

I'm sick of the Provo scene.

I am a misanthrope who loves people, or is it a philanthrope who hates people?

Our backyard situation is very demoralizing.

I like the word demoralizing.

I need a hobby and a talent.

Probably the most likely option for a talent to develop is playing Scrabble.

But I'm not going to spend time to get good at Scrabble.

So I shall remain talentless.

My children are good at reporting the problems.

What I need are solutions.

(What I need is solutions?)

I could make grammar a talent, but it would take some work.

I should probably do that.

My basement smells like human pee and rat poop.

I'd like to receive an anonymous package containing a miniature tollbooth and a map of The Lands Beyond.


Emz said...

I miss you.
I'd last 2 days in the "provo scene"

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! I sort of feel your pain. However, do you not see the talents you have right under your nose? You are brilliant with the written and oral language. People would buy your book if you wrote one because you're that good, and because you have about 900 friends. Or more. Many of those friends have been to your home for a delicious dinner and good conversation. Abby and I just started playing the ukulele. If you like that idea, maybe we can develop a ukulele ensemble and get some gigs. AG

abby said...

you're just unhappy because i'm out of town. give it a few days. the rat poop i can't help you with.

Neil and Diana said...

want to plan a vacation?

lys said...

Emily, I really want to give you a pep talk right now. You are awesome. I'm not sure what your backyard situation is, but I think our yard is worse. Living in Provo is tough, but you've handled it beautifully. Your kids are the most well-behaved little people whenever I've encountered them. It sounds like the smell in your basement can be fixed. Lysol and Febreze work wonders.

I haven't read The Phantom Tollbooth since elementary school, but now I feel inspired to revisit it.

I love you, Emily.

Rachel said...

Hey world travelers come visit us in MX. That will give you something to do. I think we all fall in the doldrums at times. Miss you!

Jord said...

You are wonderful Emily and have a talent for people collecting (not offending) and are one of the most sincere, interested, and thoughtful people I know.

Jen (and her men) said...

I like that my life is boring at this moment. When did boring become so fabulous?