Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Deals yo

Some good deals to pass on:

Macey's Provo has discontinued (but very good) bags of pasta for $.25 each, back by the milk and eggs. Also lots of Mexican crackers and cookies for $.79 per package. We have especially enjoyed the vanilla wafer cookies.

Today's Groupon is two hours of bowling for 6 people at Fat Cats, including shoe rental, breadsticks, soda, and pizza or tacos or enchiladas, for  $25. I bought two and am going to use them together for a birthday party, which they said was totally legit. Click here.


Courtney said...

I checked out Groupon:
Prove = bowling
San Diego = pole dancing classes
I don't think I'll buy two for a birthday party.

mrs. timberlake said...

funny, i was just trying to convince my sis in law to go for our phx groupon:

a $19 pedicure where i can be served martinis AND get piercings done. vavoom!

Suzie Petunia said...

I just read your last few posts (catching up!) and I feel like leaving a comment isn't good enough. I want to call you tomorrow. I don't like this stuff about people misunderstanding you. Anyone who really knows you knows that you are a good and kind person deep down to your very core. I have always loved your ability to communicate and be friends with so many kinds of people. Even Mormons. AND republicans. :)