Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cougars are OUT

I'm so proud of BYU for choosing to go independent in football, and proud of our friends who were intimately involved in making it happen! You know something exciting is happening in sports when Steve and I are is spending a lot of time talking about it.

BYU as a rule doesn't like to rock the boat, but they rocked it, baby!  I couldn't be happier.


Toria said...

I'm excited too.
We're in town and I drove by your house the other day because I wanted to show John how cool it is (location/ retro style etc).
I would have knocked but kids were tired and I didn't think you'd appreciate unannounced visitors in the middle of the day.

question: do you guys have access to any game tix we can buy to go to the game Saturday? I know John would love to go and I'm just gonna resort to the usual channels (craigslist/ ksl) but wanted to check with the BYU employee/ Provo local first.

maybe we can see you?

lys said...

I, too, was surprised by the boat-rocking. Let's see if it leads to anyone else willing to "go overboard."

Jord said...

Totally agree. And I'm sure you had a front row seat to what really went on behind the scenes. Oh that we had a law job at the Y.

Jennifer said...

I so covet your involvement in BYU. Provo is like a dream to me. I probably (surely) romanticize my time there (I was single in my twenties, after all; what's not to like?) but I think you live in such a neat place, all the lame jokes aside. Enjoy!