Sunday, January 18, 2009

Give me the sexy Martian with sparkler commemorative ones, please

Right after Christmas, I was at Costco and found a deal so good, and so puzzling, that Isaac wandered off and I didn't realized I had lost him for a good several minutes, I was that intent on the product. 

It was a three-pack of customizable Photo Stamps, worth $66, normally sold at Costco for around $40, for less than $20. Each pack in the three-pack was redeemable for twenty 42-cent stamps. So stay with me here: sixty first-class stamps, with personalized pictures and shipping included, for $19.99. Where I come from, sixty 42-cent stamps cost $25.20, without your own child's beautiful face on them. What a bargain! I bought three three-packs of fun stamps, cheaper than face value. And I tried to tell anybody who would listen at Costco to snatch them up, but nobody cared.

Then I found Isaac.

Tonight I spent way too much time ordering these stamps with custom photos to give as birthday gifts, and I know I could have found even more perfect pictures to put on the postage stamps had I spent even more time, but I had to draw the line at a couple of hours and a husband who went to bed without me. It was a lot of fun.

Becky, happy 35 this Friday. I will be out of town, and I may forget to call you. But please know that the hot image featured above will be arriving in your mailbox a tad late for the occasion in the form of US postage to be mailed to all your loved ones (no bills allowed). Happy birthday!


amyegodfrey said...

Very clever!

Courtney said...

what a steal! the personalized stamps are such a fun idea but normally so expensive.

Christen Noelle said...

I wish I would have been in Costco with you that day...I would have snatched them up too!

AmyJune said...


Neil and Diana said...

Love that story!