Saturday, January 31, 2009

Aloha and mahalo and ohana

We went to Hawaii. Had a fantastic time and didn't want to come home.

We came home. I'm feeling the red eye. Very wiped out and trying not to think of my to-do list: make a large-scale auction happen and be awesome, learn stats for my test, catch up on bills, read all the magazines that came while I was gone, teach my kids responsibility, cheer for the Cardinals -- in thought only, because I don't care enough to actually watch it, unpack, clean the house, and buy a car. And call Diana, because I miss her. (I miss you, Diana!)

And paint my toenails. Can you believe the audacity I had to go to Hawaii without painted toenails? Yikes.

I'll post pictures of our trip soon. Again, it was really, really great. My dad came and was really, really great. He is fantastic with my kids, which is all a girl could hope for. (Thanks, Pops! We love you.) He told my kids not to brag about our trip because no one wants to hear about someone else's beachy vacation in to-die-for weather with yummy yummy food. So, in that vein, I will tell you about a not-so-great moment that happened on the plane this morning. 2:15 am North Shore time, 5:15 am Provo time. (And how I didn't get so much sleep.)

The plane is dark.
Everyone's asleep.
Norah throws up.
I think, like I always do while facing a vomit clean-up job, "This is the worst part of parenthood."
(I tend to face more than my fair share of vomit clean-up jobs.)
Steve is asleep and unreachable without causing a very big scene and waking up the neighbors.
Much better to let the neighbors sleep through the cleaning up of the vomit.
I was smart enough to have packed a change of Norah clothes in my carryon.
Yay me.
A flight attendant walks by.
A man.
I discreetly ask him for a plastic bag because I need to change my daughter's vomity clothes.
He very indiscreetly says, "YOU NEED AN AIR SICKNESS BAG?"
I try again for discreet.
"Just a plastic bag, please."
He offers disdainfully to bring some paper towels.
I am grateful and say yes, please.
He brings me three (3!) dinky paper towels.
One wet.
Two dry.
I'm on my own after that.
Lots of trips to the bathroom.
It is gross.
But I manage.
I do not put Norah back in stinky car seat after that.
I hold her.
She sleeps.
I eagerly wait for landing.
Two and a half hours to go.

I'm kind of depressed to be back in Utah.


Courtney said...

throw up in any sort of vehicle is a pain - much worse with less than helpful flight attendants and those claustraphobia inducing bathrooms. glad the rest of the trip was good.

Neil and Diana said...

Oh, Mahalo. I am sooooooooo happy you had a good time. The plane story sounds like a hearty welcome back to the mainland. I miss you too. I want to go to Virgin Gorda. Family trip. It will only cost a few thousand. Each.

amyegodfrey said...

I would have helped with the clean up. I'm happy you had such a wonderful trip! I hope your week falls into place without much frustration. I'm glad you're safely home.

amyegodfrey said...

I want to reach in and hug Norah! She looks so darling here.

amyraye said...

i'm still conerned about that pinewood derby dilemma; how'd it go?
hope norah just puked for the "fun of it" and not because she's really sick.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you're back. Even if we can't have you over for dinner to here about the details. I think it's OK to brag about the trip. Hawaii's Department of Commerce is counting on it.

Sarah said...

That's "hear" not here.

abby said...

utah needs you.

Nancy said...

I'm hoping to make it to Hawaii in 2010 for our tenth anniversary, so I won't tell you how jealous I am, I'll just say how exciting you're making me for our trip! Cute picture by the way, makes up for the throw up part.

Christen Noelle said...
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Christen Noelle said...

I am glad you had fun in sorry about the vomit...yuk!

You are depressed to be back in Utah because Phoenix needs you and misses you! We just went out to Kijuana's birthday dinner and we missed you. Jami hosted a baby shower and we missed you. We went to church and we missed you. We just miss you always...

Natalie said...

Brag away Emily. You can brag about yummy food and beautiful weather anytime. Then we can all live vicariously through you. You'd be doing all of us a favor.

Sorry about the vomit and flight attendant. I haven't loved any of our flight attendants lately. they seem to hate everyone...

Natalie said...

p.s. i have also wondered about the pinewood did that go. Do you want him to come to ours? It would be fun....

Andrew and Heidi said...

Yes, the vomit story does ease the jealousy of your trip a little bit!! Sounds like a heavenly trip!