Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm ready for good news

Is is just that I'm paying attention, or have there been an awful--and I really mean awful-- lot of plane crashes in the last few weeks?

Our friends Stephanie and Christian were in one last week.*

Sarah's friends were killed in one this weekend in Cedar City.

Then there's Kyrgyzstan, Barenaked Ladies, Guatemala, Madrid en route to the Canary Islands, North Las Vegas, Monticello, Colorado, Northwest Territories, experimental plane in Michigan. And on and on. There seem to be two new CNN headlines on plane crashes every time I check the news. What is going on?

*I really adore and admire Stephanie and Christian and pray that God's will be done in their collective recovery. There is going to be an online fundraising effort on their behalf this Thursday and I would love to see gobs of money raised to offset a little of their mounting medical expenses. My fabulous sister Sarah is going to auction a baby quilt, and baby quilts don't come cuter or classier than Sarah's. Visit her auction starting Thursday. Also, visit this blog Thursday to be directed to a wealth of other links to people who love Stephanie and Christian and want to benefit their very worthwhile cause.


Anonymous said...

I love this photo of you and Norah and Stephanie and Nicholas!
About the plane crashes-I pay attention to that sort of thing, and the numbers are extraordinarily high. Some of the other ones in the last 2 weeks: Bear Lake, Idaho; Rock Spring, Wyoming; Tucson; Springerville last Thursday in which our friend's boss's husband was killed as he scouted for elk. AG

Sarah said...

cute photo! I must go quilt now.

Becky said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Sarah's friends (right on top of the shock of Christian and Steph). I'm not getting in any little planes again.

But adorable photo of the two of you with the baby swap.

Emily said...

I have had the same thought about plane crashes, since the Nielsons'.

Today is Nie Nie Day and from the perusing I've done, love and giving is pouring out all over the blogosphere.

That is some good news.