Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Give it up

I am signed up to receive breaking news emails from CNN. This one came today:

"Sen. Hillary Clinton will officially end her campaign for the presidency by the end of the week, multiple sources tell CNN."

What?! Hillary, you lost. You already lost. What is this end of the week stuff? It already happened, you cannot win!

Why is this breaking news? Why is this news period? The news came yesterday when Obama secured enough delegates to be the Democratic nominee. To me, that means her candidacy is already OVER.

I just don't understand. I'm extremely annoyed that she's trying to strongarm her way onto the ticket.

Dear Barack (because of course you read my blog),
You don't need her. Don't succomb. The possibility of my vote depends on it.


Abby said...

i am feeling pretty sorry for hillary. didn't want her to win. but still, she lost. kind of stinks for her. i think campaigning for presidency would be the worst experience ever. EVER.

(on a side note, i used to say i was going to be the first woman president and neil would say, "yeah right! you'd start crying 5 minutes into it because they said something mean about you!" too true neil. he also killed my paleontology dreams, but that's another blog comment...)

Anonymous said...

Also feel bad for her. Also couldn't imagine the kind of grit it would take to run for that office-man or woman. But really, she needs to graciously retreat. AG

Ryan G said...

I'm rather incensed with all of her supporters who claim that the nomination was stolen from her, and that it was stolen because she was a woman.

She lost to a better candidate, one who went out of his way to keep personal attacks out of his campaign.

I don't think I've ever seen a worse political loser. She's a cry-baby and a spoilsport, and as much as I like Obama, I would have serious second thoughts about voting for him if he capitulated to this homegrown Ahmedinejad and put her on the ticket.

I can't wait for there to be a female presidential candidate that I can wholeheartedly endorse, and I predict that there will be one in 4-8 years.

Sarah said...

oh, come on, you know you're a Hillary fan.

Austin said...

Ya, they do that, but I think the headlines can't carry the subtly nuanced stages of all this primary ridiculousness. It's breaking news when something officially happens, even if we all knew it was happening.

Obama wouldn't even think about her as a running mate. Let her strong arm him? Let Slick Willy have a key to his old house on 1600? Not a chance. Obama has done an amazing job of being a leader on his own so far, I think there would be too many chiefs if he had the Clintons on for the ride. My opinion.

Neil and Diana said...

The news here isn't that Hillary lost, it's that Hillary is publicly admitting as much! Hillary recognizing that there is nothing she can do and eating crow as she holds the Obama banner? Now, that's news.

Natalie said...

Emily and Steve,
It was so great to see you guys on Friday. I wish that I had more time to catch up. Discussion ensued later that night amongst our family about how great all of you Godfrey's are and how much we love your family. Each and every one. It was also decided that you and Abby are gorgeous. (Sarah would have been deemed gorgeous as well, were she in Utah at the Reception:)) Thanks again for coming it was really great to see you!

Andelin said...

Hey, I tried calling you today. I'll try again later. ~Bethany