Thursday, April 24, 2008

And now I'm trying hard to think of something meaningful and worthy

Isaac: sleeps on the floor, in a major thoroughfare of the bedroom, with his head under the blanket. This morning, on the way to the boys' closet to fetch some pants, I stepped on his nose.

Stephen: is on his way to Boise to be sworn into the Idaho Bar. He and I cannot seem to find a house that we both want to live in, which is kind of a problem, because we want to live in the same house.

Norah: learned the word no-no yesterday as she spilled out the box of generic Lucky Charms on the kitchen floor. I've said it to her a few times since when she's doing something she shouldn't, and her face gets all wrinkled up and she starts to whimper. Saying "that's a no-no" to my daughter hurts her feelings.

Aaron: has a tooth growing in at a good 45 degree angle. It takes up much space on the bottom of his mouth. Braces, braces, braces.

Elliot: can convince his younger brother(s) every time to put all their money toward whatever it is he wants to buy. Of this moment, they're all going to buy Elliot a tamagotchi

Emily: wonders about global food crises, $4 gasoline, getting into a house by June, getting a babysitter for tomorrow, and whether it was a good or bad idea to bid $60 on each of four tickets for Stadium of Fire starring Miley Cyrus and the Blue Man Group. Also, I did nothing to celebrate/honor/commemorate Earth Day except sing all day long: "It's April 21st. Everybody knows today is Earth Day. Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday to whoever's being born... ."


Sarah said...

what's a tamagotchi?

And I think earth day was April 23, no?

Courtney said...

"No-no" hurts Chase's feelings too.

Jord said...

Thank you for having a normal life like the rest of us. And earth day? It came and went and I was none the wiser. Oh well, maybe next year.

Andrew & Heidi said...

I too am wondering about pricey gasoline and struggling to find a sitter for Friday night. I filled up my car on Monday and it cost me $89!!! Maybe I can't afford to pay for a babysitter now.

Kristine said...

I love your earth day song! And I've been meaning to call you. I have a friend who lives in Provo and has a couple houses for sale by her. She lives in a nice neighborhood--maybe you've already seen them. But I'll see you Monday, right? So then I can tell you where the area is and stuff. That would help to find a house for both of you together! :)

Emily said...

Earth Day is the 22nd. The song's all wrong.
Heidi, I feel your pain.
Kristine, yes! Lunch on Monday. What time should we meet? Where are the houses?

Abby said...

i think elliot is pretty smart and i'm wondering who in your family is dying to see miley montana.

Angela said...

I've never heard that song either, but Steve was the source of most of my music knowledge. I also don't know what tamagotchi is.

Chelle said...

I do know what tamagochi is... and I wish I didn't.