Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Question Game

How many sugar cookies is too many sugar cookies to eat for breakfast?

Which of the members of my family want to join us in a camping trip to Arches/Zion/North Rim/Moab this late July or early August?

Why do I prefer lists and random notes to writing a cohesive blog post?

How do I overcome my dread of writing, as in, a personal narrative?

Did Alyssa have her baby?

How do I encourage my children and other beloved family members to understand their great worth?

What will I learn from General Conference this weekend?

How long will it take for the members of our church to embrace President Monson wholeheartedly?

Who will be the new apostle?

Isn't it great that there are apostles?

Am I a snob if I don't really want to live in Orem?

What is it about Orem, anyway?

What class should I take first with my free tuition benefit?

Is plucking eyebrows something I shouldn't still be doing?

Don't you think if you make a comment it should be in the form of a question?

Has anyone ever been to a house auction on the steps of a courthouse?

Would you live in a barn?

Would you live in barn in Orem?

Should I?


Sarah said...

Am I the first?
Is that barn in Orem for real? If so, Why wouldn't you live there?
Doesn't everyone pluck their eyebrows until they die?
When does free tuition kick in?
What about bowling 101?
Did I forget the rest of the questions?

Emily said...

Do you not wax your eyebrows?

Sarah said...

OK, I can't answer this in a question. I do not wax my eyebrows, but I know many people that do. Waxing seems to be much more efficient, but I've just never tried it. Find someone who has good eybrows herself to do it for you. I thought you were questioning the practice of eyebrow hair removal all-together.

And is that barn a real consideration for you guys? I really really love it!

Abby said...

Is there any question that you should be living in a barn?

What is worse, being a Republican or living in Orem?

Emily said...

But what if the barn doesn't look quite as cool in real life?

Emily said...

Abby, did I offend you with my Orem question? Do you staunchly defend Orem like you do your political party of choice?

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

heck yes. then when your kids are being bad and you ask them, were you born in a barn?, they can truthfully answer "no, but i live in one." --Andrew

wendy said...

What does the barn look like inside? That could make a difference. Although, maybe not. I just don't see you living in a barn.

I still pluck my eyebrows, though you probably can't tell since they are still so darn bushy.

How about a home decorating class--in case you buy the barn?

And there is no such thing as too many sugar cookies for breakfast.

Catherine said...

I wouldn't want to live in Orem and I readily admit that I am a Provo snob. Is it okay to be a snob if you are aware of your snobbery?

Waxing is the way to go--call me.

And you probably know Alyssa had her baby last night--hooray for her!

Chelle said...

Could there be a bigger mismatch than You + Orem?

I only blog-know you, but it just doesn't fit.

I wasn't even aware of a Provo vs. Orem snob dynamic down south. Now... Salt Lake vs. Provo? That one I'm aware of.

Nancy said...

You should live in a barn in Orem, and do you really think that members of the church don't wholeheartedly embrace Pres. Monson? What's wrong with Orem?

Emily said...

I was thinking today that is was very rude of me to insult all my friends who live in Orem. Abby, Jamie, Kristine, Nate, Jordan, et al: you know I love you and I'm sorry for knocking your town.

We toured the barn in Orem and it was BY FAR my favorite house we've looked at. So, so cute, darling, comfortable, stylish, big, affordable, and classy. Absolutely my favorite, EXCEPT FOR the location and yard. Unfortunately, I think the not-so-good location and teeny backyard are killers for us. Which makes me want to cry. Somebody I love should buy this house, seriously. Especially because it's in Orem!!!

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

I feel your pain Emily - the house I absolutely love has no yard and while the location is great, it's in our old ward and I don't want to move back into our old ward - killers for us too.
I don't pluck my eyebrows anymore because they have started disappearing with age and if I pluck too much the brows don't grow back!
You're not a snob for not wanting to live in Orem. I wouldn't want to live in Orem either - I prefer Lehi, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, American Fork.
Free tuition? That's awesome! I would take a photography class or language class. Maybe floral arranging?

Andelin said...

I think its funny that of all the questions you asked, the eyebrow one seems to be the one to have really taken off amongst the commentors. That, and your Orem faux pas! I'm sure Emily!! ;-) just kidding. Who cares if you don't want to live in Orem? They shouldn't.

Do you know that it would be a lot easier to answer these questions of yours or comment on your lists(since, as you stated, they come on a regular basis, which by they way, I love your style of writing! It's fun! and easy to read! Why should you go narrative style if this works!) if you had your comment page on a pop-up window instead?...but that's just me. This way it's more of a challenge.

Anyway, the barn? hmm...I'd have to see it, but you know what place I loved the most for you!

And I'd never thought about comments needing to be questions. Especially when they never get answered. You are one of the few that I find actually answers your commentor's questions. So, I guess my question to you now is...Are we supposed to comment with questions?

Andelin said...

P.S. plus, I always forget to click on the box to email follow up and so if they do answer I probably would never know it...(I left this so I could click on the darn box that I forgot to do last time! :-) see ya!)

Suzie Petunia said...

(I'll let you guess which qustions I'm answering...)



Seriously curious... Who isn't whole-heartedly embracing President Monson? Huh?

Under-water basket weaving. Or Comparative Literature from Professor Oscarson.



Natalie said...

until they are gone.


because it feels good.

Nike. just do it.


appreciate yours

what did you learn?

I think that they do. It is just going to take some warming up.

Missed that one.


No. When I was 10 I felt that way about Lehi.

I only know Lehi and therefore...n/a

I would take photography

I pluck everyday. Am I wrong for that?

No, but we are bidding on a short sale right now. (NOT FUN)

Have I been doing it wrong all this time???

It would really be a dream come true

Is that THE barn? YESSS!!!!


Austin said...

Don't live in a barn if you don't want to.

Becky said...

Can I answer a question no one has touched yet? What if I was just thinking I need to take my kids to Arches/Moab this summer? What if I was thinking of talking Richie into this on the way up to Utah? What if you want to meet us there and have some fantastic cousin/sister/brother kinda memories made?

We could pluck our brows together, and by then you'll know what town you're gonna live in and so your heart will be at rest on that issue.

Can we look forward to some fantastic hikes together? Could we discuss our favorite conference talks as we take in the vast expanse? Seriously, email me.

Toria said...

Emily- go for the barn. It's so cute. What's wrong with the location. And the yard, puh-lease, how often are the kids really running around the yard? Ok so a lot. I had no idea about Orem being less- desirable I pluck and wax, I have to do something. I love President Monson. I am just getting started reading the talks and no, I don't have to wear a burkah. I can drive and wear whatever I want.