Friday, July 20, 2007

We're back

The longer I go without blogging anything substantial, the easier it is to go longer without blogging anything substantial.

Last week seemed to be the week my entire family entered into various philosophical and/or religious debates with guys I knew/dated in high school turned theologians. When I posted the link to the thread a few posts ago, I was maybe secretly crying out for moral support, a plea for rescue me!, if you will. It was nice that my homeboys Steve, Neil, Ryan, and Sarah rose to the occasion. Austin and Abby and Amy had some nice contributions as well. I think all of the above are really, really smart. The other parties in the discussion were quite passionate about the subject matter, and I learned quite a bit from the exchange.

This week was the week I went on vacation, and oh, did I! A quick trip to the glorious mecca of San Diego with my husband and kids and mother was a little, um, noisy is the word that comes to mind. But we managed to have a great time, and it's always nice to have my mom around to help with the kids. The zoo was our primary destination, not counting stopping by my grandpa's house. Pandas, polar bears, gorillas, takins (my new favorite animal) -- all fantastic.

Then we came home just long enough to strew all the dirty clothes on the floor throughout every room, repack, and head to the airport. Norah and I flew out with Steve to Chicago for some work he had to do there. Steve's sisters Becky and Nancy were most gracious to take our boys for us for four days. Thank you, thank you! We had a great time. At least Norah and I did. For Steve, it was mostly just work. Tell me again why it is that Steve sometimes gets stressed about work. Work isn't stressful! Work means free hotel rooms, lots of leisure time in a fabulous big city, chi-chi weekend getaways every so often, holiday parties, steady paychecks. . . .Work is the best! Oh wait. {As I write that, I'm realizing that I rather sound like one of the always-big-busted always-big-diamonded Scottsdale women I was just observing and talking about with Steve over dinner tonight. For the record, I'm not big-busted, I'm not big-diamonded, I'm not from Scottsdale -- not that there's anything wrong with any of these things, per se -- and I'm really not a brat.}

In Chicago, I did lots of walking, lots of shopping, I learned a lot about the city's architecture on an architecture boat tour. I slept in, I took naps, I bonded with Norah bigtime. I ate good food, I slept through the Harry Potter movie, like I knew I would. We had a good time.

Which brings me to tonight. Steve took me on a nice date to a restaurant where we observed the Scottsdale women in great abundance. Then he took the boys to a Harry Potter party at Borders. I seem to have forgotten how to rotate pictures effectively, but you may get the idea that we had a couple of Harrys, a dementor, and one fine looking Batman with a lightning bolt on his forehead representing our HP-loving household.


Abby said...

Fun fun fun!

It's nice to know that graduation robes sometimes get a second chance.

Can anyone tell me if Harry dies, or what?

Abby said...

P.S. I would've had your back on that Christian blog, but I never could find where you guys were posting your comments. Which post was it? Kind of frustrating.

amyegodfrey said...

My mother said this morning, "Does your family ever stay home?" Thankfully, we like to travel. Everytime I call her, someone in the family is on the road. Thanks for the fun road trip with you! A memorable part was the wall-to-wall bed.

Emily said...

Abra, do you really want to know? 'Cause if you don't, DO NOT do your read-the-last-sentence thing that you do. I did it. Now I know. By the way, I linked to the discussion. I don't get the frustration.

Christie K said...

I love the dementor! We love your family. As I sit here and read your blog to Jesse, we both comment "We love the Craig family" I read others blog and at times get annoyed but I read your's and just smile.

Steve said...

I can just hear the tone of Jesse's voice when he says, "I love the Craig family." I'm guessing it sounds like, "I love that story."

Abby, I was glad the lawschool robes could get back into the open air too. If only I'd had a broom and a golden snitch to go with them.

I didn't sleep through the Harry Potter movie, though I got Norah to. I'm excited for the book.

It was so much fun to go back to the hotel after work and find Emily there. Worlds better than finding it empty. The last night we were there a huge storm rolled in from the lake. It was other-worldly. The huge cloud bank engulfed the skyscrapers like something out of a Batman movie, then lightning blasted through the cavernous streets. I like Chicago a lot -- other than the humidity.

nie nie said...

i dont thik that binkie is big enough.

pepper said...

Steve, you must have never been in Chicago in the middle of December. You might just change your mind about the windy city.

Neil and Diana said...

I would've had your back on that Christian blog too, but I erased what I was going to post (in a comment) because I reflected that you'd probably prefer it if I minded my own business.

Nancy said...

We were glad to have your boys. My kids were actually sad to see them go. I'm always glad that my kids have such great cousins, as I alas only had one, and it looks like San Diego and the Harry Potter party were a big hit. That will make a great memory for your boys.