Wednesday, May 30, 2007


In my neighborhood,

a car parked in the general vicinity of my mailbox + a rotter mailperson = no mail delivery for me.

I thoroughly enjoy mail. Since I was a teenager, when I reigned as the Queen of Mail*, I have enthusiastically looked forward to getting the mail every day. Sometimes I will check the mailbox 5 times to see if it's come. Needless to say, it puts me in a bad mood when I see the truck sail on past my house, punishing me for the exterminator's car parked out front.


*Items I was likely to receive in the mail on any given day during my adolescence: every single catalog known to man, letters or tapes from missionaries, chain letters, pen pal letters, letters from boys I met at Student Council camp who lived far away, sweepstakes offers, mix tapes from friends, prizes from all the contests I entered, solicitations for money from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT, postcards from every friend who ever went on vacation anywhere, Sassy magazine, New Era magazine, Elle magazine, lots of other magazines, BMG packages full of my 7 free cassettes and a bill for $18 for shipping. . .and on, and on, and on.


Courtney said...

That is ridiculous. I've never heard of a mail carrier not delivering the mail because of a car being parked in front. What a lazy mailman.

Abby said...

I distinctly remember you had a sophisticated filing system for all the letters you received from your missionary boyfriends. At least it seemed sophisticated to me at the time.
Letters are kind of a lost art. I adore getting my magazines in the mail. I need to renew my Sassy subscription though...

Emily said...

Renew my subscription to Sassy too while you're at it, Ab.

Anonymous said...

I love mail, too. I also like to read magazines/newspapers. That's why I subscribe to all of these.
Church News
National Geographic
Arizona Highways
Ricks College Alumni mag
BYU Alumni mag
Phoenix Magazine
The Recorder Herald (Salmon)
The Glendale Star
The Arizona Republic
and Dennis takes a few of his own, too.
The mailbox is never empty. Amye

AmyJune said...

I love mail. My Indian Feather mailcarrier does the exact same thing and it drives me nuts. Does yours leave a nasty pre-printed note on the offender's car like mine does???

Emily said...

Mom, glad you have a job to support your magazine habit. That's a lot of reading material.

Amy, she's too lazy to leave a note. Do you think she hates me because I didn't tip her at Christmas? I wonder about stuff like that.

Angela said...

I didn't even know you were supposed to tip the mail carrier at Christmas. You are the tipping queen!

sarah said...

Mom, how do you have time to read all of that? Emily, isn't there some sort of legal action you could take? I mean, this is the federal government here. Have Steve look into a lawsuit.

pepper said...

Yeah, can't you talk to your local post office about that? What a bummer. I always look forward to mail.

Emily said...

I have complained to the USPS, and they say that's the policy. I told them there would be plenty of room for the mail lady to pull up to the mailbox, then reverse 3 feet and drive away. They said it's against policy to reverse in the mail truck. I got frustrated, so I took my 4 kids to the post office right at closing time and waited in line for half an hour with my kids running absolutely wild in the PO so I could make a point that this mother of four wants her mail, and it would be much more convenient for them to just deliver it in my dang mailbox. That was a few months ago. Yesterday I resigned myself in defeat to their smarky policy.

Nancy said...

Maybe I'm a pessimist(who may have even spelled that wrong) but mail to me as a grown-up means bills, so I only check my box every three or four days. E-mail and blog on the other hand, I'm compulsively checking. So please don't email me any bills!

Alice said...

I guess there are some advantages to having those stupid cluster mailboxes after all. But I still hate them. I would much prefer to walk down the drive way and open a REAL mailbox (without a key). So, consider yourself lucky.

kiki said...

We had this problem in one of the places I lived in Provo. Because we were in a highly populated area (Branbury, Silver Shadows, Carriage Cove, OLD Mill), cars LINED the street, and they didn't care that they were blocking our mailbox. So my roommate and I painted the curb in front of our house red. It worked.

kiki said...

We may have checked with PPD before doing that. I can't remember.