Friday, April 06, 2007

Being productive

Steve took the day off and the kids are home from school.

We have been busy with chores: Steve, trimming the outrageous mesquite tree in the backyard and switching out a ceiling fan; me, paying the bills, PTSA stuff, and exercising (always a chore!). The kids don't know it yet, but their chores are a-comin', specifically, cleaning up the legos, dinosaurs, shoes, kitchen stools, powdered sugar, and blocks messes they have been so busy at making all day. We've also been running errands and it's so so nice to not have to take 4 kids when I want to go somewhere. Instead, Steve or I can take one child with us to run errands for some one-on-one time, if we choose.

I am so content when Steve takes time off from work (almost never). What a good Friday.


Abby said...

Yeah for days off!

Neil and Diana said...

Yeah for quality time with husbands!

Courtney said...

Yeah for running errands with one or less kids!

Christen said...

Yeah for getting children to do their own chores!