Thursday, April 05, 2007

Of interest

I just started watching Lost. It's scary, and I'm gonna get hooked.

I'm happy that the Iranians freed the British sailors.

I'm trying to catch a thief who steals purses out of people's cars while they are in church. I am on the case. This probably needs more clarification. Call me if you want to hear all about it.

A 17-year-old in my stake fell a couple of stories and hit his head while on a choir trip. He was swinging on a lamppost that broke. Now he is in ICU in Canada.

I think everyone is going to get cancer, at some point.

I'm willing myself to spend less time on the computer.

If Norah were a dinosaur, she would be a pterydactyl. I think they're the shriekiest of the dinosaurs. Man, can she squeal. And it's not even a crying sort of squeal.

Payday is in two days and I haven't even looked at the checkbook/paid bills/budgeted the last paycheck yet. This is highly unlike me and I feel disorganized.

Even though I haven't organized the monies from last paycheck, I have spent much of it. Today at Target, I got so many stinking things for $100. I love Target. Lots of shoes for the kids, primarily, coming their way Easter morning.

There was a lot of drama in the school PTSA. The drama kind of climaxed and resolved itself when one member of said PTSA resigned and withdrew her child from the school. Yes, we're talking real drama.


Abby said...

Too much to comment on... I'll just say that I'm glad you're watching Lost. Are you on Season 1? Oh man, you are going to have problems sleeping my friend.

sarah said...

We watched almost all of season one, and then we had to cut the cord. I hear about it now and it's even scary second hand. Abby, you're still watching?

s'mee said...

man, there is something very gossipy, yet SO appealing in your PTA statement...I want gory details, but shouldn't. Forgive my ugly side.


we too, had a church parking lot thief...

Target Target Target.
I heart Target.

All my best wishes, good thoughts and prayers for the kid in ICU...scary.

Alice said...

Uh oh. Don't do it. Don't get hooked on Lost. I hate it and I love it. It will break your heart. Too many unanswered questions... it will drive you crazy.

Nancy said...

I have a very big love hate relationship with Lost, right now I'm lost. For some reason we haven't watched for the last month, and now I'm just going to wait until this season comes out on DVD. It's very frusterating, but you can't turn away at the same time. You need to elaborate on the Target thing.

Courtney said...

Your entire post has piqued my interest - church parking lot thiefs, school drama, target.

AzĂșcar said...

Resigned and Withdrew? Now that's some great drama (and probably completely unnecessary as well.)

Uhm, why are people still leaving their purses in their cars while at church then? Is that a silly question? Maybe it's all part of a sting that hasn't gone down yet.

pepper said...

We had a church parking lot thief too.
I should call you soon, it has been a while.
I hate Target.
Loved the pictures of Norah. (I'm catching up on blogs, so this is on the wrong post.)
Your sisters-in law are very talented and have great taste.