Thursday, December 29, 2005

What I'll be doing when not desperately trying to finish the B of M by Saturday

This weekend we are hosting (in order of stress-inducement level, from least to most):

--three kids I'm babysitting. They are easy and it's for a short time.
--Steve's brother. He is easy and self-sufficient and fun to have around, but in serious danger of being bored out of his mind.
--the beloved truck of a guy we know who is out of town. He is paranoid that people will break into it if it's left at his apartment complex, and is only slightly less paranoid that it will be harmed "by the neighborhood kids" while parked in front of our house. Irony ensues: no car has ever been damaged while parked in front of our house before, until this morning when Steve noticed our van has egg residue all over one side of it. (What? Why?)
--a dog while a friend goes out of town. Our friend's admonition: "The only thing is the dog has to sleep in bed with you." Steve's and my identical responses, given at separate times upon hearing this admonition: "Absolutely not! There is no way." Steve also said: "We can't guarantee that the dog will be alive when you come back" and he is seriously a little fearful of this.

So, as you can see, we will be home all weekend, playing host to sundry peeps and vehicles and creatures. Feel free to drop in and say hello and leave something for us to watch after.


Anonymous said...

Let me lend you my B of M CDs, so you can listen while everything else is happening. Thanks for a fun day of shopping with you and the fellas!

Elinor said...

Hey, reading the Book is the best thing that's happened to a lot of people. Hang in there. I read it annually, or have since about 1975, and it's a new insight every time. Don't panic, if you have to move on into the new year. However, good on you, as the Australians say.

By the way, I notice you have my blogger link at Elinor Hyde. Actually Grandmahyde gets me. You do a great job.

Put the dog in the garage. In bed? Not even our kids got to stay there all night. Love you all.

Emily said...

Finished. 10:23 PM, December 31st. Thank you.

Kids I was watching ended up staying 8 hours over two days.

Brother-in-law stayed out all night, didn't call. But he's okay.

Truck was unharmed by the hooligans.

Dog is dearly beloved by our friends. Must not let dog die or get away. Dog is currently sleeping on couch with Isaac. I guess it's okay.

Sarah said...

Emily, way to go on the Book of Mormon! It's probably good we didn't party all night with the Craigs.

Also, your new background color for your blog is the color of my house. I love it! I am so drawn to everything that color now.