Thursday, December 01, 2005

Inspired by Neil and Larry (find the hidden hyperlink)

I like to think that if I were to ever run into a famous person, I would totally give that person his space and privacy and not be all rubbernecky and pointing and whispering.

Not so. I am a complete pointer and whisperer, as pathetic as that is.

This summer, I saw this man in the Prado in Madrid:

Only he looked older and maybe had some facial hair and he was wearing a baseball cap. Having never in my life seen a complete episode of any crime drama, I did not know who this person was, just that he was getting a lot of attention from the Spanish school children. I pulled some of them aside and asked, in English, if this guy was on tv there in Spain. Si, si, was their answer. What is the name of the show? Casi Miami was the response. Hmm, that must be some local Spanish show. Clearly this guy with the red hair giving out autographs is an American. If I get the chance, I will strike up a conversation about how that is being an American acting in a Spanish tv show.

I almost got the chance. I saw him a while later waiting for his daughter outside the museum gift shop. I almost walked up to him and started a conversation. But then I saw my mom standing closeby, so I decided to share with her the news that she was standing next to someone famous. I pulled her around the corner and got all whispery and pointy (mind you, I didn't know who this famous guy was) and my mom blurted out, quite loudly, "He is just some average Joe Schmoe!!" There is no question that David Caruso knew we were talking about him. Coolness totally runs in my family.


Mormon Family Man said...

You saw David Caruso! My wife and I are jealous. We've often wondered just how much his manner of speaking is limited to TV, or if that is just the way he speaks.

Knowing the CSI David Caruso, here's how I envision your conversation went:

Emily: Hi--they tell me you're famous(?)
David: Yes, Emily. That's right, I am.
Emily: Oh.
David: You didn't know that, Emily, did you? Emily, you don't watch my show, do you.
Emily: You can't prove that.
David: Emily, that's exactly what I intend to do.

amyjune said...

Loved your story
All i have to say about running into famous people is that Larry King is not a very attractive man. I used to see him every week when I was in the UCLA ward and he would come with his wife to chruch at the same building. yeah, I was more fascinated by how old he looked than his fame.
I watch one tv show a week. I must say I am addicted to ER. There, I admitted it. Last year Mike and I were at the LACMA (LA county Museum of Art) and all of the sudden I realized that one of the actors from ER was standing less than 10 feet in front of me looking at a painting. I tried not to act like a crazy fan so I didn't say anything at all to her, but I did follow her around at a safe distance just to have a good stare.
p.s. Why the word verification. Can anyone explain that?

Mormon Family Man said...

Word Verification prevents robots from automatically posting spam links to commercial or porn sites on your blog.

Because the word you type is an image with wavy letters, robots can't "see" the word needed to get through.

You can tell if a robot has posted something because the message usually says something like: "Hey! I loved your blog! I'm going to visit it frequently! I have a blog on kitchen appliances. You can visit it if you click here."

amye said...

That's almost right, Emily. I said exactly, "He's just a Joe Schmoe." Which he appeared to be as I stood in front of him and his daughter in the Prado gift shop line for about 5 minutes. There was nothing extraordinary about him. Red hair, ruddy complexion, baseball cap, sullen expression, low energy dude. When we got home and Emily pulled up his pic online, I sort of recognized him from People Mag. or wherever, because I certainly haven't seen him on TV. So the next time you're in a line somewhere, consider that you could be in front of a star. They're everywhere, aren't they? Who's Larry?

neilanddiana said...

exACtly! Who's Larry? I wish I could go to the LA County Museum of Art and the Prado. And for the sake of clarification, the hidden hyperlink would be inspired by Neil and Larry. Who's Larry?

neilanddiana said...

oh, duh.

Emily said...

The brother of Daryl and Daryl.

Lianne said...

David Caruso suffers from the same "real life dissapointment" as Robert Redford. They both look craggy, over-sunned, and peely...
the curse of the red-headed man.

Lianne said...

BTW - MFM, EXCELLENT rendition of Horatio's manner of speaking. I have often wondered if this is what I have to do in order to remember someone's name.