Friday, December 16, 2005

True Love. . .Through the Ages (Ahhhhh!)

We're 16, going to see U2.
We're 17, doing what we do best at Sunday night get-togethers.
We're 18, with a funny hair sticking out.
We're 19, yo.
We're 20, and we live on different continents.

We're 21, one week before we get married.
We're 22, and pregnant.
We're 23, and it will take us six and a half more years to get rid of this ugly couch.
We're 24, and living in Tucson.
We're 25, with larger-than-life Christmas lights.
We're 26, and you can call him Esquire.
We're 27, and expecting Boy #3.
We're 28, and this is the only picture I could find.
We're 29, and I am one lucky girl.
We're 30!
Happy birthday, Stephen! I love you!


Steve said...

You can all see how lucky I am. I'm all teary-eyed as I write this comment.

But to avoid being too sentimental before the entire world of cyberspace, I'll look at the more comic aspects of this post. It's stricking to me, the possible other names for the pictures. For example: "Gorgeous Woman Stays With Man Through Progressive Stages of Hair Loss."

Any way you look at it though, I really am very touched. Thank you for the present Emily; I love you.

sarah and mark said...

your metamorphasis (both familial and individual) is fun to watch in a just a few choice pics. I love it! Mark didn't even recognize Steve at 16. Happy Birthday Steve! And Emily!

ahc said...

I'm teary-eyed too!

What a beautiful representation of your love.

Happy Birthday!

c jane said...

In grand tradition of me asking STUPID and otherwise obvious questions...
Am I right to assume that you have the same birthday?
And, what are the chances of that?

Emily said...

I'm two days older. :)

Emily said...

cjane, btw, I think you went out on a date with my now-brother-in-law Mark, also Stephanie's brother-in-law.

Suzie Petunia said...

I wish you could have heard Taylor and my simulaneous "Ohhh"s and "Ahhh"s and giggles. What a beautiful pictoral summary of a fun, smart, classy and stylin' relationship. Happy Birthday!

P.S. Can we vote for favorites? I really dig the big Christmas lights. :) No, no... the sweaters tied around your waists all matchy-matchy. So cute.

amye said...

What a wonderful tribute! I am amazed at your creativity, Emily. I'm remembering the Sunday nights Steve fell asleep on the couch while everyone else was playing games. What a great guy, then and now! We love you, Steve and Emily, and wish you both continued joy in your new decade.

neil and diana said...

very cool. grhu.

c jane said...
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c jane said...

Now it all comes together! On one particular date Mark took me to the premiere make-out spot in SLC. Maybe he will remember that night, I know that I could never forget it...
(Such a gorgeous view!)

Emily said...

Oh, don't think I haven't asked Mark if you two made out! He says it wasn't like that, but now I have this new info about the "scenic view." I will be re-approaching the subject with him.

Ryan said...

Awesome, Em. Well done. And happy birthday to you both. How are Illinois and/or Michigan treating you?

Emily said...

I'm enjoying the Illinoise quite a lot. Haven't taken the trip to Michigan yet. Thank you, thank you!