Friday, May 28, 2010

Howard Jones had a song

Question: Would these skirts catch your eye if you found them at

JCPenney? Kohls? Talbots? Eddie Bauer?

I was going to say no way,

I would not think these were especially great at any of those stores

and is Anthropologie duping us all

but then I remembered that Anthropologie clothes feel better

almost like there's a quality thing happening there

and that I'm wearing my forever-old, green Anthro skirt with bleach stains on the back today

and it has made me feel pretty(ish) in spite of the cold sore smackdown happening all over my face*

and thus I have concluded that I need more clothes.

*not kidding about that

it is a pathetic manifestation of how broken down my body has been due to my year-and-a-half steady stream of

pregnancychildbirthbackpainstrepthroatweaninghormonalchanges [that's a thing]


Sarah said...

you're back. the blogging world has missed you. sorry about your cold sore and wanna-be-kohls skirts. go get yourself one of those.

your fans want you to finish your dating d.c. story.

amyegodfrey said...

Clever post! I'm so sorry about your ailments of late. I would like to be there to help out. Soon.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, this post belongs to me. Emily, I am the cold-sore QUEEN! Don't you remember? I got them constantly growing up and they were painful, ugly, embarrassing. I guarantee whatever is happening on your face right now is nothing compared to what was on my face the NIGHT DERRICK PROPOSED TO ME. No joke--we couldn't kiss for two weeks after we got engaged (probably a good thing.) I had about six of them--huge, blistery, AWFUL. I am so sorry for you--nobody sings the herpies blues like I do, and nobody knows how horrible they are until you have them. One word: valtrex. Have you tried it? It is truly a miracle drug. Call your doctor or dentist and get a scrip this minute. And you can specify what type of herpes you need it for, if it makes you feel better. :) And p.s., for me lack of sleep and/or stress, or too much sun, trigger them the most. I have actually grown out of them quite a bit, but partly that's because I keep Valtrex in my purse in case I ever feel one coming on. Seriously--it's medical marvel.

Anthropologie? Totally agree. You know how I feel about that store. May be overpriced, but it's cheaper than therapy or liposuction. Husbands don't get it.

Jennifer said...

Is it "herpes?" Sorry. And sorry for the superlong post, as usual.

pam said...

Just be glad you don't have to lengthen your word by adding "oldage" to the end of it!

Becky said...

Emily! I, too, am sad for your ailments. But I'm excited that we'll get to see you (herpes or no) in a few weeks! And here's the thing. . .No one ever is to blame.

(Was that the Ho Jo reference? Fill me in on your puns, cuz I ain't quite as clever as you girl).

Lysine. Everyday. That's what the doctor told us to do for coldsores.

Emily said...

No! Things Can Only Get Better! Becky, when are you coming? We're looking forward to it.

c jane said...

Emily has herpes?

(Girl, get those skirts.)

Bryn said...

I'm not one to boast, but I can MAKE skirts as nice as those(I've made more than five for myself)...come over and I'll tailor one for you...lined and everything.