Monday, December 14, 2009

Eating out is my hobby

We spent Thanksgiving in Arizona, and I acknowledged verbally what I have long known deep down: that my favorite thing to do in that state is eat out*. Because I want to share the treasures Steve and I have so painstakingly sought out, I give you a sampling of my favorite restaurants in the greater Phoenix area. I'm not going to take the time to categorize, but please ask me about any of them -- location, menu, price, etc. Trying new restaurants is one of my talents.

Then feel free to reciprocate with a list of your favorite restaurants in (any location) so that I can try them next time I go there.

I love that story.

I present delightful dining destinations in metro Phoenix:

Barrio Cafe
La Grande Orange
Chelsea's Kitchen
Orange Table
Yasu Sushi Bistro
The Greene House
Pita Jungle
Roaring Fork
Pizzeria Bianco
Cowboy Ciao
Arcadia Farms
Asia de Cuba
Flo's Asian Kitchen
Old Town Tortilla Factory
Bistro di Napoli

There are more, to be sure, but I would be excited about eating at any of these delicious restaurants.

*Edited to clarify: My favorite, favorite thing to do in Arizona is really to be with my family and friends. And also to enjoy the weather. And also to smell the creosote. Excuse the hyberbole, but eating out is ONE of the best things. One of many.


Jen (and her men) said...

Argh! You are about three weeks to late with that list. Guess we'll have to go to Arizona again so I can try a few. Doug just wants to live there.

Emz said...

If you are "tolerant":

FEZ - on central & Ticoz [on central]

Sushi - Hana [on 7th Ave & Missouri]

Love your list. Sad? but I've been to all of them but Elements & Grimaldi's.

Carrie said...

Sweet! Thanks for the list. We're going home in a two weeks and my favorite hobby is eating out, too.

You can't forget the Sugar Bowl for dessert.

MarySue said...

I don't know if I'm sad or ashamed that I haven't eaten at a single one of your list. I can still tell you I love you all and wish you a very merry Christmas.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to you! Have fun at dinner tonight!

Amy said...

Oh we miss the food in Phoenix (and eating out when we had money and no kids)

Our favorites: Sacks on Indian School, Kincaids downtown, Portlands downtown, Pei Wei, Einstein bagels, and Boston Market. (you'd think being so close to Boston, we'd have a Boston Market...but no)

Emily said...

I have been to Sacks, Amy, and it was good. Will have to try Fez, Sushi-Hana, and Kincaids on our next trip. Emily, you're an adventurous eater-outer, too! Elements is really nice and expensive. An anniversary-type of restaurant.

Bryan said...

Is that Grimaldi's on 59th or Patsy Grimaldi's (several locations)?

Also, if you like Bianco, I think you would like another pizza place called Cibo that is in the downtown area. I preferred it.

If you like chicken fried steak, TexAZ Grill has the best I've ever had (and I've lived in OK).

brandi said...

ooohhh-- yippee for this list!
matts big breakfast is one we love. want to try that's a wrap -and now a few more.
we were there too- but after thanksgiving. wasn't it so nice to be warm? i bet your mom was just loving snuggling up that baby!
let's compare utah eating establishment lists, and maybe try a new one together.

Andrew said...

My absolute favorite is Torta's. ONLY order the bean burrito and make sure you use their hot sauce. Its a huge dive but in my professional bean burrito eating opinion the best in the Valley.

go boo boo said...

I have to add Croque's. I die for a fatty Croque Monsieur. We tried Humble Pie on our last trip and loved it too. And they have Houston's! I think I will have to add eating out as a hobby too, I like that.