Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sometimes I don't want to blog about anything, sometimes I want to blog about nothing

Stuff keeps going missing around here. Important stuff -- arguably, the best stuff we have:

  • keys to the van (lost at the doctor's office. what?!)
  • Steve's BYU ID card (which he takes with him on bike rides for the purpose of helping the paramedics quickly identify his mangled and/or dead body after an accident)
  • one of Calvin's favorite pacifiers (where do those things go?)
  • my tweezers
I'm most distressed about the tweezers. I really hate making unplanned trips to the store to just get one thing. Steve says, "Christmas is coming" in case I opt to let him replace them for me. I say, "Won't you love your unibrow wife come December."


abby said...

i'll spring for some tweezers for you.

sue-donym said...

I feel you on the tweezer thing.

Sarah said...

All she wants for Christmas are her keys and tweezers.

amyraye said...

one of my biggest pet peeves also: having to go to the store because you NEED something right then, not because you had a list and it was convenient to go. hate it. good luck finding everything and losing more things.

Suzie Petunia said...

Ah, life's little frustrations. I found my tweezers in my daughter's room. Plucking at the age of 11? So sad.

Keep your eyes out for my lost cell phone when you're looking for your stuff, K?

cerise said...

I have been known to hide my tweezers, toenail clipper and lip balm. sometimes I forget where I hide them though. so sad.