Friday, March 13, 2009


On desiring organization:

I have an email inbox of 4460+ emails. I just sorted them by alphabetical order and deleted about 200 totally superfluous, not-real emails in the A's. Blog comments mostly. From Austin, Azucar, Abby, AmyJune, and Alice. I did not delete any actual emails from actual people. I still intend to respond to those. Um, even the ones from 1999. Thanks.

On the opera:

A generous and beneficent soul gifted us really great tickets to the Utah Symphony/Utah Opera. Really great tickets. He is a generous and kind soul. We cannot use the ones for next Wednesday, March 18: The Marriage of Figaro. Which is a shame, because we saw this performed at BYU and it was spectacular. We'd love to see it again. Please say you'll take someone to the opera next Wednesday night so these really great tickets don't get wasted. Also, it is an embarrassment to my culture, but one-third of the audience will walk in after the performance has begun. Please take my two tickets, and get there on time, or even (gasp) a little early. I want you to have them. It starts at 8, I think. It's a school night. I want you to use these tickets. Maybe for any of my kidless friends out there?

On skiing:

I went today. It was my third time ever, and my fourth, fifth, and sixth times on the lift. I'm getting better. Isaac my five-year-old still kicks my trash, I'm pretty sure, mostly because he doesn't know enough to be afraid. He was offering all kinds of coaching tips before I went: "Mom, do french fries and pizza slices." I can go decently fast now, but I still feel extremely more comfortable when I zig-zag down the mountain rather than head straight down. Everyone else just goes straight down. And don't talk to me about the higher lifts or about the Blue Squares. I'm a Green Circles kind of girl, for now. Did I mention I'm getting better?

On statistics:

While taking this class adds the littlest bit of stress to my life, I've decided I like it and am glad I've been learning the basics. I could potentially continue on to higher-level classes, because I like the subject and I like that my brain grasps it, intuitively. I'm hovering in a solid A- range right now. Which is okay because I'm a bad student, and by that I mean lazy and inclined to procrastinate, and sometimes falling asleep in class. Speaking of sleep, last night at an hour at which we should have been long asleep, Steve and I were deep in discussion about confidence levels and margins of error. I think he didn't really care, but he kept asking questions until he got it, because he knows it was something I'm interested in talking about, and I love him for that.

On dishes and laundry:

I'd rather not do them, ever. Sometimes I just pretend they don't exist.

On Stephanie and Christian Nielson:

I am so thrilled they are alive. I got to talk to Christian yesterday for a while, and today I saw a glimpse of Stephanie outside with her children as we drove by. They are beautiful, beautiful people, and I wish them every ounce of health and happiness.

On laptops:

Steve thinks we should buy me one so I don't use his so much. I used to think that was crazy talk, but after my monopolization of his computer tonight after he specifically told me he wanted it, I humbly offer to him my apology, and say, okay, if you really want me to have my own.


amyraye said...

for a second, i wanted to go see how many e-mails were in my inbox, but i thought better of it. it's better not to know.

kids are amazing(ly crazy) skiiers. fun to watch how quickly they learn- and with no fear.

still think about stephanie and christian several times a day. i wish the same for them and their beautiful family.

your own laptop will change your life: for better and for worse. one word of advice: discipline. i don't have it yet. and it'll make you want to do your dishes and laundry even less. [hurry and have steve buy you one before he reads my comment.]

amyegodfrey said...

Dennis just bought a laptop. That's pretty good news. I love reading your posts. Can I do your dishes and laundry when I come? It's fun to do other people's housework.

Gwen said...

Um....can I have those opera tickets?
I'm a long-time lurker of your blog. I met your sister Abby at a cousin's wedding reception and only recognized her because I was a long-time lurker of her blog also. Ask her about it. My name is Gwen and I am Ashley Smith's friend. She'll know who I am.
And I kid you not, March 18th is my 23rd birthday.

abby said...

oh, give them to gwen! she's great! (and she does not have a gall bladder.)

Emily said...

Gwen, I am most delighted to give you the opera tickets for your birthday!

Andelin said...

Can you explain why? I SO delete all of my blog comments in my email...They are all safely on my blog if I want them...

It seems you would be able to whittle down about 3,000 emails if you did that...but then such a pain, at least you're willing to go back through them. I never have gone back through to clean them up. I think it would take a whole day. If I don't erase the email that day, it most likely will never get erased.

I'm so happy for Stephanie and Christian! I'm so glad she gets to be with her children again.

As far as dishes and laundry...ditto...Lee got too tired of my NOT doing laundry and decided to take over. I feel guilty, but hey, it gets done!

And dishes, in morning prayers, Lee prayed for my day and prayed that I'd be able to do the dishes (hint, hint! I laughed)...but alas, unfortunately, I didn't even TOUCH them! At least I got the boys to empty the dishwasher. Maybe I'll fill it now...It would make Lee so grateful! :-)

Andelin said...

Oh wait, let me clarify. The morning prayer, was yesterdays!

Andelin said...

P.S. What a great husband to share in your interests! I'm so glad you found a class that you like! I can see you eating it all up!

Ummm, I would suggest classes that I took and liked for the previous post, but I took statistics and since that might have been the last suggested, I realize that you would probably NOT like the classes I pathophysiology, psychology, family science, sociology and anthropology (oh, you would probably like that, but didn't you take anthropology already?)

I still think that the religion courses at BYU are some of the best in the WORLD! I had hard but great teachers! I wish I could go to some these days... but I would so audit them! I like the lectures but not all the memorizing the title and background of every section of the Doctrine and Covenants!

(I continued to take religion after I had gotten all of my religion credits, but tried to audit them. One professor talked me into NOT auditing because HIS class was SO easy. That stupid class SO brought my GPA down. I was so mad at him.)

Andelin said...

Oh, and I LOVED my folk dancing class! You learn all kinds of dances from ALL around the world. It was a blast! I only had to show up and dance (and I think I had one 1-2 page assignment)..oh and a couple easy in-class quizzes on dance history.

But I think that you really can't get away from the assignments unless you audit. I had to write papers when I took aerobics and jazz classes for goodness sake!

I saw someone suggest interior design. Just a warning, my friend took it and she had so much to do for it and a lot of pressure. So just make sure you like big projects if you take that one!

Neil and Diana said...

Emily, I am happy you like your program at school and find it droll that you are offering reasons why you have only an A-. And also, I think you should definitely get a laptop. Definitely. And make the children do the dishes and laundry. And come visit.