Friday, March 06, 2009

Seeking guidance

To anyone who went to BYU:

What was your favorite class? Most enjoyable, life-changing, low stress, important, fun, or rewarding -- any of the above.


Book binding?

Quantum physics?

To anyone:

What would you take at a large university if tuition was free and you were not motivated by a degree of any kind?


Kalli Ko said...

i would take music appreciation and art history and english literature and yoga and ANYTHING that had nothing to do with what i went to school for.

i would take a piano class too, because man i wish i could play the piano.

abby said...

french and italian cinema. political geography of the middle east with chad emmett. chinese 101 and 102. seriously though, take a language. also, i always wish i'd taken floral design.

Anonymous said...



anything in the theater department



foreign language



flower arrangement

AmyJune said...

My favorite class of all time at BYU was Food Science and Nutrition with Laura Beth Brown. I think it was 110 or was it 101? Anyway, soooo good.

Emily said...

Please keep these lovely ideas coming. On a whim, I just signed up for Exercise Science 139, aka Jogging for Spring Term, which is laughable as I am NOT a runner. But, I need to make myself exercise and I heard you don't have to go to class, which is ideal with the young 'uns. (Wouldn't weekly lectures on jogging be really interesting?)

I like all these suggestions. They sound romantic and fun. Would they really be fun? I don't know. I'm also thinking about Beginning Organ.

Emily said...

Amy! You know I'm never taking that class, right? You know that ALL my friends (you) took it at around the same time and constantly asked me, "Do you know what you're eating?" And it was the worst!!! I need a number 2 suggestion from you, because that one doesn't cut it!

Jen F. said...

Caution on the organ class. You may find yourself as the ward organist whether you are ready or not...

There's no way I could pick one favorite class. I love school, but I'd probably take all those religion classes again. Amazing. Have fun! :)

whit said...

I agree with Jen F. on being the organist at church. To avoid that but still take a keyboard type class, you should just take harpsichord. Cody and I did that, and it was fun. I already played the piano, and was able to participate in a Bach concert.

I loved the art history classes. Just pick a time and genre of art that you like, and go with that.

If I would have ever gotten into the class, I would have taken tennis. I did do racquetball. The teacher was terrible. He did not do a thing. But, it was still fun to play all the time.

Sarah said...

I loved the following:
Doctrine and Covenants
art history (at ASU)
music ed - don't remember the exact name but it was the basics of how to incorporate music and dance in teaching children

I would love to take
graphic design
more french
american history

good luck. so many choices.

Andrew and Heidi said...

Marriage Prep was one of my favorites. I'm with Abby-always wanted to take floral design. I took a dance apprecation class for a PE credit and I loved it - during the week you learned about dance from different world cultures and then on Friday the instructor took us to a studio where we learned the actual dance.
If it were me I would take a language class, interior design (not that you need it!) or photography. Ballroom classes were a blast too!!

Amy said...

I have a closet love of weather, so I'd take some kind of meteorology class. And I think child psychology would benefit me greatly. And maybe a public relations/self marketing class.

Neil and Diana said...

I like everything that's been said. Romantic! Go for it!

tessa said...

I loved a class called Love and Morality. Don't know if they still offer it. Anything Todd Parker taught in the religion department. He was hilarious but such a good teacher. I learned a lot from him. Also, I loved my sociology class. My teacher was Cardell Jacobson. Don't know if he's still there. What a fun dilemma to have:)

AmyJune said...

BUT Emily it was so fascinating and I learned so much. OK, so for suggestion number 2, how about any social work class-oh wait, they don't have my major anymore. THey decided to cut it and only concentrate on their masters in social work program.....and that's why I don't donate to BYU anymore.
I loved raquetball. (is that how you spell it?)

Angela said...

My Favorite Classes were:
Bible as Literature (but only from Stephen Walker)
Floral Design
Begining Gymnastics
Art History, pretty much anything.

Andrew and Heidi said...

The highlight of my BYU experience was the BYU Men's Chorus (not sure if that works for you though). Fly fishing. Definitely take fly fishing. I also LOVED Geology 101. (Would have majored in geology if I wasn't so far along). --Andrew

Bryn said...

Tennis is not a bad idea.....Emily??? We could play doubles on the weekend with the men.

Bryn said...

I wouldn't mind redoing Physics 105, a c and worse I don't remember much. I would really like to take quantum physics too.

amyegodfrey said...

I would take:
Spanish, until I got it right
art history (took a class with Sarah at ASU)
ballroom dancing
tap dance
musical theater

Jord said...

I wish I lived there to go to class with you or to watch your kids! I totally took beginning organ and loved it. I even got the felt bottomed shoes to boot and have never yet had to accompany in church.

I also loved:

Accounting 200
Any business class
Interior design
Nutrition 100
Economics 110

Suzie Petunia said...

Physical Science. *snickering*

Did I ever mention that I got an "A" in that class? Still, in terms of "enjoyablity".... which I know is not a word... it was definitely at the very bottom of my list. Now at least you know which class to NOT take.

I wish I had taken a philosophy class. I had to attend a seminar about it for another class and my mind was blown.

I also loved my art history classes.


Can't go wrong with a good, uplifting religion class. It would be fun to take BofM again with a really great teacher. Is Sommerfeldt still teaching? Take anything from him.