Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amy Barry is entitled to this post

The Harwards were a big influence on me and my entire family in the formative Glendale years (1986 to when I moved away from home in 1994). I believe that everyone who spent time in the powerhouse ward of Glendale 7th would say the same. Big family; really smart; super talented; famous mom; generous dad; vocal; the knowers of all that went on. 

Amy was the oldest of the second half of Harward kids and I was always a little intimidated: by her height and beauty, her best-friendedness to my older sister, and her sarcastic sense of humor. I'm over it now, though. I think she's cool, just plain and simple. My freshman year of high school, Amy drove me to seminary every morning in her brother's convertible with Yaz blasting. Yes, Yaz. I don't think anyone before or since has loved Yaz as much as this girl. Or even knew they existed. Let's take a Yaz appreciation break, shall we?

Amy now lives in Washington and is the mother of five. She and her husband adopted one of their kids when they saw an opportunity to help, and I think they're rad because of it. She started a blog at the beginning of this year and has attacked it with full ferocity: never missing a day of posting despite many many days of tremendous pain, a hospitalization, and heavy doping. I would say she's committed.

Yes, that's a good summation adjective to describe my friend Amy. She is committed: to her husband, her kids, her blog, her religion, her siblings, her curly hair, her Yaz. Do you want to see a picture of her really nice neck?


Natalie said...

yay for Amy!

Natalie said...

and for the record, i knew the word too but tuned in way too late. You forgot to mention that she is speedy.

Sarah said...

This is a nice post, emily. Amy is committed, for sure. A great friend and mom and everything you said and more! Yaz and Erasure definitely cannot be listened to without thinking of Amy and Matt and Chad and getting ready for church dances.

And if anyone is interested in a really really good Yaz cover, take a listen to Joshua Radin's "Only You" on itunes. I LOVE it!

amyegodfrey said...

Amy Harward Barry is amazing! She was always a good friend to Sarah, and tremendously supportive in difficult times. I appreciate her for that.

Bryn said...

Love Yaz myself. Upstairs at Eric's was my absolute fav in High School.

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