Friday, May 16, 2008


I've been putting off blogging about our new house because I was holding my breath that our house in Phoenix would close without a hitch.


It closed yesterday. This morning, a large sum of money showed up in our account. I sort of wish it could just stay there and earn lots of interest and I could buy new clothes and take the family on a glamorous vacay to Costa Rica and such. But another house beckons, and the money must go. As far as selling our house, we feel very blessed. The whole transaction was completely painless, if you don't count waiting for 6 months for a buyer, and then having an extra-long 60-day close. The buyer paid our full asking price (although we had of course lowered the price over the months) and she paid cash so there was no danger of her not getting financing. From the name on the contract, a letter verifying her funds, and the wonder that is Google, we surmise that she is a retiring family law attorney from Minnesota who will most likely be snowbirding in the beautiful city of Phoenix. I am so happy for all that she is gaining: gorgeous weather, lovely neighbors, a short walk to the library and Target and the mall, close access to Anthropologie and Camelback Mountain and Barrio Cafe, and a really great home that has a happy history. I feel like we've given her a magnanimous gift from our hearts that she gets to take over where we left off in that home. I hope it's as good to her as it was to us. I will miss it.

{And now I'm completely crying. But then again, lately it doesn't take much. Last week I cried during Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies III when the fat people in their ridiculous 80's outfits dance at the end and the screen shows how much weight they've lost; don't act like you've never done that exercise video and you don't know what I'm talking about.}

We are excited about our new house. What do you want to know? It was built in 1968 and is in the "tree streets" directly east of and very close to BYU. It has 5 bedrooms, a nice deck, a flat roof, a beautiful view, some cool retro stylistic touches that we won't change, some that we will, a large garage, tons of storage space, a smallish backyard, a workroom for Steve's art projects, 3240 square feet, a church congregation that reportedly is "really weird," a large kitchen and large living areas, and an overwhelming odor of old people. We are thrilled to have found it and feel we got a great deal. Please come visit us and be our friend. We'll close on it in the next week or so and will move in after we get some new flooring put in.

Steve's parents have been extremely generous and patient about letting us take over their basement apartment these last eight months. We are very grateful. A big shout out to Pam and Laurie.


AzĂșcar said...

Congrats! Can I bring treats to the house warming party?

Jessica Lowenthal said...

wow! wow! wow! We can't wait to see your new house. It sounds really good, or perfect even, if that's possible.

Sarah said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see it and help in any way I can.

wendy said...

Congratulations!!! :-) GREAT news. Maybe we will come see you some time. ;-) I love how well our boys get along.

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

MarySue said...

So so happy for all of you. I just might see you some day. Would you tell me if my house smelled like "old people"? :)

Becky said...

Hoorah! I have been waiting for this post with bated breath! I anxiously await more more more. . .what kind of flooring, what kind of view, what kind of weirdos.

Will you been in in July? Will will help you unpack!

Alice said...

So happy for you! Jay and I thought about you this weekend as we spent our anniversary at the Mondrian and ate dinner at L'Grande Orange. Take care!

Emily said...

Az - I don't know if we'll have a housewarming party, but you can bring treats and we'll eat them together!

Jessica - I hope it will be a good house for us. Thanks for being excited. I'm excited for you to get one!

Sarah - Brush up on your window covering knowledge, sista.

Wendy - I'd LOVE to get our kids together. And us. We'll have you over for dinner with A and J sometime. Good luck with all your transitions.

MarySue - Your house smells like cookies and flowers, and you're not old! Please come see us!

Becky - We're putting hardwood in the kitchen and living room and penny round tile in the bathrooms. That's our first project. The view looks directly over BYU (the law school being front and center) and Utah Lake in the background. We can also see quite far to the south, into Springville and beyond. It's really pretty. I'm not sure what to expect re: weirdos, but I'm interested to find out. We'd love your help with decorating and unpacking!

Alice - Did I tell you we stayed at the Mondrian last year? Did you feel just the slightest bit awkward and out of place? If not, that's proof that you're cooler than we are. Happy anniversary! I really miss you. Isn't that sort of strange, considering we didn't see much of each other?

amyegodfrey said...

Marysue, that was funny!
I am very, very happy you found your house. It was worth waiting for. I wish I could help you unpack. Save something for me to do.

Natalie said...

Emily, Congrats! You deserve all of the goodness that this life has to offer and selling your home is definately goodness! I am so happy for you. Your house sounds perfect. Can you please sell mine? Thanks.

Nancy said...

I guess we'll come visit, but hopefully you get rid of the overwhelming odor of old people first! Just kidding, p.s. are you pregnant? Crying to Richard Simmons and all.

Andrew & Heidi said...

So glad to finally hear good news on your housing adventures - now Andrew has a place to stay when he wants to come up to Provo for football games!

Emily said...

Amye -- We'll really really try not to have our house perfect by the time you get here. (As if!)

Natalie -- Did your offer get accepted then?

Nancy -- Trust me, it's high on my list. And no, but regular hormones + basement apartment + living in utah + richard simmons = frequent crying. What can I say?

Heidi -- Seriously! We'd love to have him. And all of you. Come see us!

Andelin said...

Emily, Congratulations on your house closing! If I see a retired snowbird woman basking in the sun and the leftover Craig-love as she takes advantage of the mall and close mountain paths, I'll go out of my way to welcome her to our part of Phoenix or you!

I'm excited for you to move into your new home! Hooray! Maybe then living in Utah will begin to feel sweet to you and you'll be able to begin stock piling some Craig-love and memories there in Provo!

Can we come and visit you? We have a date set for Utah trekking soon and would love to see you guys!