Saturday, May 10, 2008

I forgot to mention Kurt Rambis

My Phoenix Suns fanaticism peaked in 92-93. Since then, every time a major backbone of the organization leaves, I like them a little less. Think: Cotton Fitzsimmons, Paul Westphal, Jeff Hornacek, Tom Chambers, Dan Majerle, KJ, Danny Ainge, Sir Charles. Those are the oldies but goodies. I didn't follow the team for a while, so I don't care much about losing Scott Skiles, Anfernee Hardaway or other early-00's Suns.

But I care again and I really am sad about losing Mike D'Antoni.

Suns stock just fell yet again, in my view.

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Bryan said...

Why does the Suns stock lose value...the Suns didn't ask him to leave, they asked him to make a few minor changes (actually talk about D during practics, etc.) and he asked for permission to seek employment elsewhere. They wanted him back! I must admit though, I am *hugely* down on Sarver as an owner, if not for his bottom-line approach to running a sports team, I truly believe the Suns would have at least one title if not more...

P.S. Did you know that you were the one that broke the Suns-Knicks brawl news to me?

Alice said...

I'm sad about D'Antoni too. But that won't keep me from watching the Suns play.

Andrew & Heidi said...

Two words: John Paxson. --Andrew