Monday, August 27, 2007

Cool, cool, not-so-cool, and cool

Mary Sue -- A second mom to my husband in his adolescence, and one of the most lovely women on the planet. To know her is to love her and to want to eat her homemade cookies and sit on her couch and talk with her.

Courtney -- I'm not joking when I say that more than a few people, immediately upon hearing my news that I am moving to Provo, said to me, "You'll hang out with cjane all the time, be her best friend. . . ." The first words out of their respective mouths! Okay, maybe the second, but still! This girl makes quite the impression.

Attention, Universe: I find it wildly amusing and somewhat frightening that three weeks ago (I cannot be held responsible for inexact references to time) I filled out an application on Lending Tree for a mortgage; two weeks and six days ago I talked on the phone at length with Dude from First Magnus who tried with all his might to convince me to forego a conventional loan in favor of an interest only loan (red flag -- why would he do that if a conventional loan is what we need and want!); two weeks and three days ago we decided to hold off on jumping into two mortgages, and to wait on buying a house; two weeks ago First Magnus closed all offices and discontinued funding loans, as in, Dude lost his job, along with all his colleagues; one week and five days ago, First Magnus declared bankruptcy; TODAY, I'm still getting emails from Dude from First Magnus, who wants my business. Um, there ain't no freakin' french fries!! (Just wanted to throw that in. Does anyone know the reference?) Dude, you don't work there anymore! Your company cannot loan me money.

Happy birthday to my cool big brother, who clearly needs to update his blog.


Trevlyn said...

As daughter of first named "cool" and lurker of the second - a big AMEN. Magnus - scary Dude! Doesn't he read pink slips?

Angela said...

Agreed on MSK. She's the awesomest. Also, I do know the refrence (Who put the straw in strawberry?)

Emily said...

Uh, nature did.

c jane said...

I am honored. For a long time now, you my dear Emily have been a favorite of mine. We should have a big WELCOME TO PROVO party in your honor.

P.S. Live in Oak Hills.

MarySue said...

Here it is Thursday, I have a car and have made it into town - Wilsonville, Oregon all by myself -passed cows, horses & riding stables, llamas, nurseries, hills & dales. I'm cruising down the rows of "stuff" in Target which is very tantalizing since there is NO SALES TAX IN OREGON. It's silly what I actually purchase. Anyway..I get a call from Trevlyn who tells me you mention me in your clever blog. I admit I don't hurry to Jody's house/computer to check it out...still too much shopping with NO SALES TAX to do. But now I'm here, you said such loverly (not a misspell) things and I thank you. We old gals appreciate it even more than you'd imagine...and it brought cjane to my blog and a comment. Well, now, that's nice too. I laugh at it all cuz I'm such an ordinary gal, my writing ability is so limited I've taken to keeping and using a dictionary on my desk for the fear of completely embarrassing myself with a grammatical error. Enough. Much thanks sweet gal and I'm glad our blogs (and Jesse/Christie) will forever link me with you and Steve. Happy day, msk P.S. this ended up being so long it just might qualify for a blog you mind if I do (yes, I am crazy)?