Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just a few things

I'm feeling sorry for myself today.

I think it's because I ate Kraft macaroni and cheese for lunch, followed by cake that I made on impulse, and the butter/sugar/preservative/dietary disaster goop of it all is flowing through my bloodstream and bringing me down.

And also because this morning when I fed Norah at 6 I really, really wanted to fall back asleep, but instead I lay awake plotting ways to not have to be on the PTSA board next year, and I don't know how I'm going to accomplish that (not being on the board).

And also because my rotter mailperson once again decided she didn't need to deliver my mail, because there was a car parked in the general vicinity of my mailbox. I love getting the mail and it makes me grumpy that I have a rotter mailperson.

And also because most of the time the internet and people's blogs make me happy, but sometimes they are depressing because I'm not as fill-in-the-blank as all these amazing people out there, and today was one of those days.

And also because I just fed Isaac lunch and he's "still hungry."

And also because I threw my passport away, so I couldn't be in Italy with Steve right now, even if I tried.

And also because I just told the world wide web that my husband is out of the country.

And also because two kids wet the bed this morning.

And also because I have a lot, lot, lot to do. And I'm procrastinating.

And I think that's all.


sarah said...

emily, none of those people are as fill-in-the blank as you are either. They read your blog and get depressed too. that's one problem with the blogging world, as sucked in as I am: everyone puts their best shiny perfectly-manicured foot forward. Translation: NO REAL PEOPLE. I feel your pain.

Emily said...

And also because my toes aren't manicured. . . .

Emily said...

I'm just kidding. You're right and I'm over it.

Some people let their realness come through, though. Just as much as people let it through in person. We all try to "put our best foot forward" in any interaction, I think.

sarah said...

Good point. You do that well. Be real, I mean.

pepper said...

Emily, sorry you are having such a miserable day. I hope it gets better quickly and includes a great nights sleep tonight.

Katie said...

((hugs)) I am sorry about all this.

I hate *ick* days, and I think we all have them!

BUT I do have to say thank you so much for your kind blog comment. It was very sweet, and I like your blog, too!

Also, I noticed you on NieNie's page a few days ago and you are so pretty!

Hope you feel better!

Katie said...

Oh and I second Sarah in the first comment: I would never blog about all the crazy acne that exploded on my face this week. LOL!

c jane said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to follow your example and be real:
I have eaten probably 200 cinnamon bears today.
My hair is so floppy in the back that it moves even when I am not.
I found a mouse in the backyard today eating Ralph's dog food.
I have a serious and detrimental obsession to Tetris.
I just ate another cinnamon bear.

c jane said...

And me again.
I just ate a hearty serving of Kettle potato chips (extra grease.)

But I do want to say that real people who blog, sometimes blog because they want to find that one thing that made them happy in mostly mediocre day. I can see why it would seem pushed, but it is actually quite real. Anyone can do it.

And also, Emily you can always try bragging. It works for me (on occasion...)

Abby said...

I agree about the whole blog thing. They make me happy/sad too. In fact, I always think, "Why can't I write as cleverly as Emily?" True story. Chocolate-covered cinnamon bears sound really really good right now. cjane, you look like Sienna Miller on you blog picture today.

Catherine said...

Em, I haven't been on here forever, so I scrolled through and read a whole bunch of back entries. It made me really miss you. Could you move to Fruit Heights? You are amazing!

Emily said...

Catherine, my day is sad no longer. You just brightened it so. Yes, we will move to Fruit Heights.

Sarah, thanks.

Pepper, thank you.

Katie, I'm so glad I found your blog! Thanks for the compliment.

Cjane, you can't eat cinnamon bears any more after you turn 30. There's a rule. Please give your remaining stash to Abby, because she still has time to eat them. Your happy moments of your otherwise mundane days=everything that is delightful about you.

Abby, my whole existence in this life is based on the principle of not being intimidating in any fashion for any person. I mean, really. Thanks for the compliment, though. You are clever and stylish and you already know html, so whatever!

Courtney said...

Emily, next time you start comparing yourself to other people and feeling down, call me and I will take a picture of my family room and that will cheer you up because I'm pretty sure my house is messier than everyone else I know and I most certainly don't include pictures of said family room on my blog.

AmyJune said...

Why is Steve in Italy? Sounds like your mailperson is an Indian Feather. Does he/she not deliver the mail because you are violating mailbox rules?

Emmie said...

What is this cinnamon bears rule? Other than chocolate, cinnamon bears are my absolute favorite candy, and I'm not ashamed of it. (I do, however, think that chocolate covered cinnamon bears are gross. My dichotomies are totally fascinating, aren't they?) But I didn't come here to talk about my dichotomies. I came here to tell you that I really like your new profile pic, and I hope someday to meet you in real life, because I bet you are a really cool chick.

lys said...

Ummm, I guess you are not reading my blog because I'm definitely not (fill in the blank) than anyone. . . especially you!

Bek said...

Emily, I am sorry you had an ick day like that. I feel that those are pretty much most days in my house.

Boo for husbands being out of town. That is always hard. Our husbands must be twins.

I think that the blog thing can go both ways. Sometimes it is nice to focus on the good things that happen in an otherwise crappy day and other times it is a nice place to vent, so we can improve the day.....

I often think "how does Emily have so many boys and still want more kids? My boy has almost made me be finished with kids.... we will give it a few more years to decide for sure...".


Neil and Diana said...

Emily! Hearts. It's totally your turn.

Jami said...


I just had this nice long comment for you, but I tried to preview it and now I can't find it.

Whenever I have a bad eating day I don't feel so great. Frankly, I'm blaming all of my poor eating as of late on those darn girl scout cookies!

You absolutely rock! You're real and I love reading your posts. You have a great intelligent sense of humor and that makes your writing fun.

I hope you have a great weekend and if you want a break send your boys this way.

Alice said...

My mom still keeps stashes of cinnamon bears... she has since I was little. She says she is 29-years-old, but I know better.

Eliza said...

I totally feel you on the mac-and-cheese predicament. I found when I was pregnant that I could easily eat a box of M&C in one sitting, and so it became a habit. Now I still do it at least once a week and I tell myself I'll stop when I'm not nursing anymore. Worse than that is my addiction to ice cream. I have a self-imposed rule not to eat more than one bowl per day, but especially when I have rocky road, I can't resist and so I have 2 bowls in a row. I figure ice cream = calcium and almonds = protein. But then I feel disgusting.

That was intended to cheer you up but it probably just grossed you out.

Anyway, you're probably cheered up already anyway, but if not, you can always come over and take a look at my bathrooms/kitchen floors. Or me before I've showered (so anytime before, say, 1 p.m.).

You're right, other people's blogs are fun and sometimes inspiring (as in, I am SO going to become more creative and crafty and actually use my sewing machine because look how cute these other people are!) but sometimes depressing (as in, my sewing machine is rusted shut and who am I kidding about being crafty). I hope I meet you someday too! If you're ever in DC then you just holler. Or maybe someday I'll go to Arizona...I've never been, except for that corner we drive through between Utah and California on I-15.

Nancy said...

Emily, look how many people commented on your blog, that's always a good pick me up! I think we all have those days, but who could be upset about mac and cheese and cake, sounds good to me!