Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My favorite things today

A clean house.

A new Newsweek to curl up with.

My kids get to see their Grandma today.

The eleven items I just bought at Old Navy for a grand total of $21. (Cute baby and toddler girl long-sleeved pink tees and pink turtlenecks for $.47 each. Go stock up to give as gifts!)

My amazing husband who works so hard for our family.

New books from the library to read to the kids.

Thinking about last night's game of kickball with friends. Elliot was so proud of himself for kicking a homerun, even if he did overrun the runner in front of him, and didn't exactly tag the bases. Isaac skipped around the field and from base to base, just loving that his best friend Max and his favorite babysitters were playing with him at the park. Aaron learned how to "pitch" the kickball and get it to the right general vicinity of the kicker.

The City of Phoenix's youth sports program which allows me to sign my child up for sports for a mere $20 instead of $70 plus. Plus it's much more laid-back than the more expensive leagues, which is great for this not-so-motivated-by-competition family of ours.

The pretty things that Design Mom and her sister Jordan post on their blogs.

Extra money sitting in the bank waiting for me to spend it on clothes and a haircut and maybe even an anniversary trip to Hawaii, because I haven't had time to burn through it yet.

Giving bags and bags of the Godfrey sisters' grand collection of maternity clothes to my sister Abby.

Aaron taking drawing classes after school.

An understanding with Steve that we'll buy each other stuff later, and won't be compelled by societal expectations to exchange gifts tomorrow.

New friends that I've made reading and writing blogs.

New friends in real life.

Old friends in real life and on blogs.

Norah's sweet temperament and infectious smile, pictures of which I will be posting soon. Very soon.

Drinking lots of water.

Aromatic lilies on my mantel.


Steve said...

You told me about this new post, so I wanted to steal a moment from work to read it. It's making me smile to read it, but aslo making me sad that I wasn't there for most of it, except the working hard for the family part.

I love you.

Courtney said...

I discovered Design Mom's blog earlier today - thanks for pointing out her sister's.

I enjoyed this post - It's fun to read what makes other people happy.

Abby said...

It's funny, because reading about the bags and bags of clothes I'm about to temporarily inherit was one of MY favorite things today. Even if they are maternity clothes. Ugh.

Suzie Petunia said...

Oh, if only EVERY day was like this! You are in a good spot. I hope life lets you stay there awhile.

Claire said...

I haven't heard the phrase "kick a homerun" since 6th grade but loved the memory jog.

Also love getting a new Newsweek in the mail, although last week's cover with Britney and Paris freaked me out a little. Don't you love Fareed Zakaria (sp?). I feel like he gets it "right" a lot of the time. Although I do admit my guilty pleasure is the entertainment page at the back, which I ALWAYS read first.

lys said...

I can't help but be happy every time I read your blog. You are such an uplifting person.


Jord said...

I love that you enjoy the simple things of each day because really those happy moments are what life is made of. Kickball was great and your boys were darling...what little champs! And thanks for the refreshing take on valentines day...so appreciated!

Natalie C. said...

Yes, Amy, of Unlimited Tater Tots Fame is a friend of mine from teaching in the MTC & interning in DC. Thanks for pointing me toward Design Mom & Jordan's blogs! How beautiful. Lucky you in the Phoenix weather. We have been driving around in ice and snow, slipping, sliding, getting stuck and cussing under our breaths. I guess it would be time for me to write some happy things of my own to make up for it! :)

Bek said...

You have a very nice life!! I love all those things, but especially the Old Navy stuff. And the kick ball stuff. That is great. While the rest of the country is dealing with the blizzard of the century, we have 60 degree weather... bliss.

I am going to be going to Mexico via Phoenix in the next month or so (off to visit an orphanage). We should meet!!! :-)