Friday, November 03, 2006

On celestial warriors and free drugs

I have entered a new threshold in life, from which there is no turning back: Scouts. Cub scouts, to be specific. Yep, I'm a den leader. Never mind that my 4 kids are too young to participate. It don't make no never mind. Ask me how devoted I am to the Scouting program and what I think about it being a bureaucratic fraternity for adults more than anything else. Ask me.

Some highlights from yesterday's meeting:

We played Two Truths and a Lie as an introduction game. The first boy to go gave us these options to choose from. "I am a genius. I am dumb. I am cool." Hmm, which could be the lie? (Jami, that was your son, by the way. So full of confidence!)

During the closing prayer, I twisted up my face every which way and bit my cheeks and lips to keep from erupting in laughter when the 10-year-old earnestly prayed for help "as we strive to become celestial warriors." That was something he created on the spot. His parents didn't teach him that.

This isn't related to Scouts, but Aaron later made me laugh. At school it has been Drug-free Week, and the kids brought home little wristbands that proclaim that they are drug free. Aaron was looking for his and he asked, "Where is that thing I got at school that says 'Free Drugs' ?" I'm not sure the school's message is hitting home with this kindergartner.


c jane said...

Funny, funny post. You are riot Emily Smily!

amye said...

Very, very funny! That produced tears!

sarah said...

free drugs at your school? Don't ever move.

Jami said...


You are the best and now you have such a huge job... teaching celestial warriors! I did scouts for a long time and it was great. One of my service projects was pulling the trash cans back up to the house without the owners finding out. No wonder I was released from that call. I love reading your blog, such a good writer.

Emmie said...

Oh my goodness, this was funny. I think I'm going to start using the phrase "celestial warriors" in every prayer I'm asked to give in church.

Suzie Petunia said...

Free drugs! Tee hee hee!

As for scouting... I'm scared. I'm very scared.