Thursday, November 16, 2006

The post of many exclamation marks

I just heard Richard Simmons say: "There are no P.E. in the United States. Very few P.E." Very few P.E., people!!

Did anybody see the new game show hosted by William Shatner Tuesday night called "Show Me the Money"? Anyone? C'mon, Suzie, I know you watched it, you Star Trek fanatic. I want to discuss this game show with somebody, for its sheer awesomeness. It's impossible to lose (except for the guy who did), girls in bad dresses do really bad dancing into the commercial breaks...fantastic!! Let's discuss.

Alyssa is brilliant, kind, nurturing, about to turn 30, fashionable, tall, well-read, talented, and really good at, oh, everything. She does a mean Gwen Stefani. And now she blogs!!! Visit her often and leave lots of encouraging comments.

Amy, on the left, is amazing, too, but she has to wait until her blog is up and running before I extol her virtues.

Matt W. read my blog!! Steve and I both think fondly of Matt, and not just because he pulled a Joey Tribiani and married Diana and Neil. Shall we say, performed the marriage of. Good to hear from you.

Go to this cool blog and make any comment to enter the give-away-a-day contest. Cool stuff!!! Don't look at the past posts too closely if you are on my Christmas list (N and D) because you just may be getting some of the stuff she has on there.

It is unnatural!!! for me to use so many exclamation marks!!!!


sarah said...

"show me the money" - saw it. It does seem quite impossible to lose. Mr. Shatner was less than charming. How is that show on the air. I give it 1 month.

Lys said...

You have a talent for flattery. I feel too honored to have a place on your blog!


lys said...

Thanks again.

I think that I did something weird when I set up my blog because when I try to post comments on your blog under a "blogger identity" it doesn't work.

I have a long way to go before I can be as blog-savvy as you.

Suzie Petunia said...

How did you know I caught 1/2 of that show (while blogging simultaneously)?! I thought it was pretty horrid. I think the dancers and set get used as a strip club when they're done filming. Doesn't the set look like a strip club? Not that I would know. Ironic that one of the first contests was so flamboyantly gay. I'm pretty sure all of the girly girl dancers didn't phase him.

But on a brighter topic... I am glad someone else can share in my joy at seeing Alyssa join the blogging world. I have so enjoyed hearing more about your life and seeing pictures regularly. I look forward to the same thing with Lys, and hopefully Amy!

Here are some exclamation marks as a show of support for your post.

amyjune said...

what should I call my blog?

Bek said...

You and Suzie both sending people over to the new blog... I had no idea that was how you are connected...... Cool. For some reason I thought you were connected through all the Provo High people..... Do you know how I am connected to Sarah? It is pretty tricky and makes the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon look like patty cake....

What a sweet picture of Norah!!

Bek said...

OH MY GOSH........... William Shatner is crazy. What is going on with those girls. I already can tell I am going to love this show.

Emily said...

Amy, I have no clue. I'm sure you'll come up something profound and good. I can't wait.

Alyssa, when you log in to Blogger, mark Remember Me. I don't know why it won't let you user your name.

Emily said...

Bek, I just stalk all the Provo High people.

The show was pretty awful. So bad that I couldn't tear away.