Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No tengo dinero, mi hijo

Aaron, age 4, just now:

"Mom, I know where you can go to get some more money."

"Where, honey?"

"You can sing a song on American Idol. Do you know any songs?"

"Well, I don't sing. Why do you want me to get more money?"

"So next time when we go to Old Navy, I can get one of those balls out of the machine."


amye said...

That's a great thought process!

amyjune said...

Well, maybe you should consider it, aferall your kids have needs. hee hee hee I love kids, they say the funniest things.

neil and diana said...

Maybe the Craig Five could audition as a group! Or would that be Craig 5.5.

Sarah said...

Those balls out of the machine DO cost a lot of money ("No Aaron, that's too much money!") Aim high Aaron!

btw, LOVE Chris. Can't believe he got the can last night! AI is trying to shake it up...get people outraged...May is sweeps month! I think the whole thing is fixed and they already know who the "winner" will be.

neil and diana said...

Chris was clearly the best. I think they just wanted to have a girl in the final 3.