Friday, May 12, 2006

I am trendy

The new Jennifer.

That's what Emily has become. The most popular girls' name in America for 10 flippin years.

The 2005 names are out and I am discouraged, oh so discouraged.

Ava has made the top 10. In 1990, it was ranked 952. Thank you, Reese Witherspoon.

How did my children's names fare in the popularity contest? Elliot, in 1999, number 501. Aaron, in 2001, came in at 42. Isaac, 2003? Forty-eight.

If you live in Arizona and you have a boy, it is cool to name your child Angel. If you are having twin girls, name them Hope and Faith. Everybody's doing it.

To my siblings: Ginger peaked in 1971. Gover has never made the top 1000, ever. But Grover peaked in 1918, the year everyone died of the flu. If Sarah would ever tell me what names she liked, I would look them up. But she's being all secretive, like I would steal her names. As if.

To my sister-in-law: Congratulations on birthing my nephew today. I am excited to meet him, the little football player. Truman peaked in popularity in 1945, and made a brief re-entry into the top 1000 in 2003 and 2004. Your child has an original name, which I adore.

Which reminds me that I don't really want to name my daughter one of the top 10 names in America, do I? As much as I love the name Ava, we need some originality. Especially since her mother will have the same name as every girl in her graduating class. (Everyone who isn't a twin, that is.)


Steve said...

I think I'm pulling for Kazia--I don't know if I even spelled that right, but it's my great, great, grandmonther's name. How about a deal? Kazia for Henry. We'll keep the family names alive. This one's Kazia, next boy's Henry. Next girl after that's Truwoman?

Sarah said...

what about Ingrid? Not the one I was thinking of but I like it. Agnes? I like that too. I am serious.

Eliza said...

I absolutely love Ingrid, and most Scandinavianish names, although only a few (like Ingrid) are ones I would actually use for my own kids.

I work with a guy whose son is named Truman...after Madsen I think. But I've never met any others.

I love baby names, and I have about a gajillion boy ones that I like but not that many girl ones, interestingly. I'm interested to see what you pick. I think girl ones are hard because so many of the good ("old-timey") ones are popular now. Good luck with that!

amye said...

First of all, when we picked Emily, we were on the absolute crest of its popularity. Trend-setters, we were. It was a family name, and we knew no other babies named it. Emily will always be a classic name. Emily was around 100 years ago. But Jennifer, nah.

Same thing with Sarah. Standard classic. No one else was using it at the time.

Same thing with Ryan, then it exploded.

Neil is a classic name, but it has remained calm.

Abby also took off, but it has been in our family for several generations.

My own parents were on the cutting edge with my name. I did not know another Amy growing up, and I've barely heard of others in my age group. Dennis hasn't really made a come-back.

Anyway, I've always been happy that we (thought we) were original with our children's names.

c jane said...

ahhh you have approached a subject that stephanie and i could talk for hours and hours about. Christopher has named us the "name snobs" and so it goes.
i love ginger by-the-way always have.
who wouldn't want to be named after the siren on gilligans isle?
these days i like mary.
pure and simple every time.

also, emily and sarah you've both done great with your naming capabilities thus far.

Name Snob Number 1

Abby said...

Emily you gave away my preciously guarded baby girl name!!! I know about a million people read your blog. Sheesh! (Just kidding.) (Kind of.)

Abby said...

Oh, I thought of a name for you, Em.


Emily said...

Abby, I told you. The world already knows about your girl name. Remember the grocery check-out lady I told you about? Guess what her name was! The world is onto you.

Regarding Ruby, it is indeed adorable, but alas, I can't pronounce it. Must be able to say my child's name. I'm thinking of calling her Imademymomnotfitintoherbridesmaid'sdressatnandd'swedding. Ima, for short. Speaking of which, Ab, you are the current reigning skinny sister. We're really counting on you and that 4 to make beautiful music together.

amye said...

Agnes was my grandmother's name. I think it's also in the Godfrey line. I thought it was borderline dreadful when I was younger, but now I think it's very lovely. One of my top students this year is named Agnes.

neil and diana said...

I like Ingrid and Agnes and Liesl. Our second girl will be Louisa, so they could be kindred cousins. I like Phoebe, but Friends sort of killed it. Sylvia is pleasant. Or Sylvie. Or Simone. I sort of like Helen.

Emily said...

Did anyone else notice that I linked to the totally wrong thing? I meant to link to the Social Security Names List. Oops!

c jane said...

But it was a lot of fun watching that guy dance on your mis-link!

Nancy said...

Uh steve, it's Keziah, and Katie and I have both spoken for Kezzie already! But I guess if you have the next girl you get first dibs, but please spell it right!

n said...


Elinor said...

I have been away from blogging a long time. Just added a piece on our old pot belly stove which Dennis won't remember ever, since he grew up modern. Anyway, as far as names: Gover was a surname, came from England. Some said it originally had a d on the end for Goverd. There are those in records in Somerset, but there are also Govers.

As for Agnes, that was my Dad's mother's name, and also her sister-in-law, Aunt Agnes Wheatley, Uncle Mike Wheatley's wife. He was my grandmother's brother. (yes, Wheatley as in Napolion Dynamite).
Grandma Agnes Wheatley Godfrey had a favorite sister Emily - married to Uncle Orin Myler. I've done my best to be the Aunt Emily of our generation, since everyone always worried about what she'd say, regarding everything. If it needed saying, Aunt Emily said it. I loved her. She was very homely and very wonderful. She and Grandma Agnes Godfrey often made quilts together. Love you all. See you for the wedding in Tucson.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I love the names of your boys! Strong, classic, and Biblical. I belong to a rather snarky name board where you can receive advice and/or be chided for reprehensible name selections.

Just google Baby's Named A Bad, Bad Thing and read their message board.

I thought Joshua was a phased out name that had dwindled in popularity. In Houston it hit number 2 in 1997 the year he was born. Number one? Jose, of course.

Not that you asked for the favorite name choices of a pseudo Internet stranger but here goes.
Amelia, Noelle, Lillian, Holly, Madeline, Eleanor, Nora, Marisol, and Serena.

AzĂșcar said...

Good call on Marisol and Eleanor (no matter how you spell it) they are both on my list.

I have a sister Jennifer, but in her defense, my parents were living abroad when she was born and they had NO IDEA until they moved back to the states what they had wrought.

I love Ingrid too, but Astrid more. Truman is on my short list.
Helene, Claire, Miranda, all beautiful.
I will not divulge the name chosen for our girl at this point :)

I will, however, tell you that I have a boy Angel at home (middle name.)

I have an issue these days with popularity. I swore up and down that no one was going to get a top 10 name in my house. Do these people not read? Or not care? I don't understand. I don't want my kid to have to be Amy H. for the rest of her life. /off soapbox.