Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Something I've always wanted to do and something I never knew I wanted to do

Today, we paid off the student loan in full and I made quinoa.

I think both are cause for celebration.

Also, I'm white-spacing out the goose. Be dead, already!


ahc said...

I love quinoa! I also think that it is one of my favorite words to say.

So, were you making a South American dish?

You probably already knew this, but here is a fun fact about quinoa: of all grains, it contains the most protein.

Emily said...

Another fun fact: it is not actually a grain, but a seed.

There is a bandwagon movement of sorts around here to put grains into all kinds of dishes, so I jumped aboard and just added some to my otherwise-unhealthy chicken dish that I made.

Suzie Petunia said...

What the heck is "quinoa"? It sounds like a good word to use in Scrabble.

You're going to need a lot more white space to get rid of the goose on my computer. I've noticed that hymn was the tune to Aunt Rhodie (or whatever)... Fun stuff for sac meeting

Want more fun? Add " bed" to the end of each hymn title. So immature, yet so fun.

amyjune said...

The only time I've ever eaten quinoa was when I was pregnant in the the yucky first trimester stage so I don't really have fond memories.
Did you eat it on your mish ahc?
Congrats for paying off the student loan.

Emily said...

Those of us with small computer screens are joyfully goose-free.

Sarah said...

Explain quinoa. It's a grain, but I need more info. Did you like it enough to make it again? Awesome on the student loan. Dave Ramsey would be proud!

Emily said...

It's just a grain, that you can cook and add into other dishes, to up the nutritional content. For example, it goes great on green salads, you can substitute it for some of the hamburger when making spaghetti sauce or meatballs. Steve put it into scrambled eggs this morning, and it was good. It is easily concealed in other foods. It's good, and I will probably buy more and keep using it, unless I decide to get crazy and branch out to teff, amaranth, kamut, or barley.

neil and diana said...

very exotic! congratulations on the student loan. I would like to try quinoa -- can you compare it to something else, tastewise?

neil and diana said...
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Suzie Petunia said...

Where would one find this magical nutritious food?

wendy said...


Can you email me, please? I wanted to tell you something privately.

rainbowendy at yahoo dot com

Wendy (James' sis)