Monday, August 08, 2011

Rules, because this blog is boring

  1. Go where you're invited. Steve doesn't believe in this life philosophy, so I've become lax, but I think it's a good rule. This last Saturday I was invited to two events, each of which I did not have much interest in attending, so I didn't go to either. On Sunday I learned that both hosts had had low attendance and felt bad about it and it made me feel horrible. When I was about 8 my mom had a Tupperware party and no one came and she was hurt; even though it was a dumb Tupperware party, she took it personally. So even when I get invited to dumb jewelry parties,  I think it's a good idea to make an effort to show up because people are more important than me not being slightly inconvenienced. 
  2. Pay attention to the things you think about while falling asleep/when you wake up for whatever reason/first thing in the morning. Your (my) brain has usually had a chance to filter out the unimportant stuff and whatever is left often provides clarity and new perspective. This is what I thought about this morning when Calvin woke up at 5 AM:
  • Make extra sure there isn't a child behind the monster Tahoe when backing up, every time.
  • Don't put anyone on the spot in future RS lessons.
  • Buy a ticket to North Carolina, baby.

Emily out.


everydayjami said...

When are you going to north Carolina????

CherryLaneDiaries said...

I like your new background (new to me anyway).

amyegodfrey said...

Very thoughtful words. I have clarity of thought when I take a bath every night. I review the events of the next day, for one thing.
Important thoughts about backing up. I have had a life-long concern about that very thing.

Jord said...

Love the rules. They are true. I'm happy you got a car you love, although at an inconvenient time, but I'm sure your awesome budgeting saved the day.

Jennifer said...

Your blog is anything but boring. It is one of my favorites. Your rules are spot-on. I decided a long time ago that my guilt plagues me far longer than my irritation at being inconvenienced for having to be somewhere I don't want to be (which is about 90% of the time.) As you can see, I still make it all about me and my own feelings.

And what are you doing in North Carolina? Woman, you travel more than anyone I've ever known. I won't even try to disguise my jealousy/admiration. Mostly admiration. I think.

Sarah said...

good rules.
what's happening in north carolina?

amyegodfrey said...

She's going to visit Neil and Diana. I'm going in October.

abby said...

i love when i have 700 unread posts in my reader and 2 of them are from you!

Neil and Diana said...

Emily, this post was beautiful. And then the North Carolina part was the cherry on top. <3