Saturday, July 09, 2011

The coldest winter I ever spent was the week in June I spent in San Francisco

We rode a cable car to church.

Steve and I are pretty bad at photographing and documenting our collective life. Well, I take that back: he keeps a fairly faithful journal, so I'm pretty bad at it. We're both bad at taking pictures and his stress level rises whenever I suggest he should be good at that, because who has time to take on one more hobby?

Point is, though, we have a good life together. We love each other. Our kids are pretty cute and, in spite of all their wild monkeyness, they're good kids and good people.

We spent all of last week in San Francisco, which is such a magical city. I mean, it totally looks like a magical, fairy tale city when you come in across the Bay Bridge, with its hilly, tree-y skyline. People there are really good at parallel parking and they have charming neighborhoods, awesome food, and everyone is nice, even though there are cheap souvenirs and double-decker tour buses every which way. I probably wouldn't be very nice if I lived in a city with double-decker tour buses.

My parents came with us and were super great. They're maybe the most accommodating and flexible people you could ever hope to travel with, even my dad who pretends to be curt. I love that my children will have memories with all of their grandparents.

Isaac and Aaron have dark brown eyes.

We rode a cable car to church.


Neil and Diana said...

Emily, thank you for posting the best post ever. Bye.

Natalie said...

i think that it's safe to say that of all the cities i have been to thus far, san francisco is my favorite. i wouldn't recommend experiencing it on a bike if your behind isn't used to a bike. it might ruin parts of the rest of your trip. but not the beautiful views, delicious food, and amazing weather. and hooray for dark brown eyes. and your beautiful babies, photographed frequently, or not.

Sarah said...

we looked through all of papa's s.f. photos last night and it looks like so much fun. i'm glad you got to go.

amyegodfrey said...

That WAS a terrific post. I loved that week with you in the magical city. Thank you for taking us along. There will be memories to talk about forever.

Jennifer said...

Great post. Don't ever take up photography b/c it might deter you from writing, which is your obvious gift. And I'm lousy at taking pictures, too--it makes me enjoy the moment less, even though I know I'll be glad for the photos in the long run. I guess I'm all about immediate gratification on trips. Glad I have company! Let's promise each other never to scrapbook...