Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

I like to change up my blog design with great frequency, and sometimes I like to make it purposefully ugly and unpleasant to read. Why would I possibly want to have an ugly blog? Because, my friends, every once in a while I need to channel my younger, sassier, and more defiant self who wants nothing to do with the status quo and has general distaste for conformity.

Not that I don't appreciate beautiful blogs. I do. My sisters are both the at making things look gorgeous. But it's not necessarily a talent that I value enough to dedicate serious time to myself. Plus, while I love having a forum in which to have conversation and I especially love conversation and am interested in what people have to say and so I think blogs are great especially since I'm taking a fb hiatus (breathe), I do not seek after nor desire a large audience to read this blog. I have never once promoted my own blog and I like that's it's very grassroots and raw. That is why I said, back in my depressive post which made all my friends come to my rescue (thank you), that I like that my blog is boring. I really do. It's just me trying to impress not a soul in the world.


Emz said...




abby said...

i like the way you think. but boring blog? not! i'm trying to like my blog more but the ideal scenario is that i would have 5 readers and say whatever i want and talk more about how life is kind of hard without worrying about pity comments. so there you go.

how bout i make things unpleasant by calling you out on your facebook fast, amye godfrey? ha!

Emily said...

Emily! You are the nicest friend.

Abby, whatev.

Natalie said...

and that's what makes you supercede [or supersede, depending on which spelling you prefer] the definition of beauty.

p.s. abby, i have wanted to create that very blog for myself. want to join me?:)

amyegodfrey said...

In your effort to not impress, you do. You are brilliant. And beautiful. And you have a darling young man in your arms.

Jennifer said...

First of all, why am I not friends with you on facebook? I'm offended that I've never had the chance to be offended by you before. And now you're on hiatus. Great.

Second, I lovelovelove your blog--really, it's one of my favorites. Not that you need me to say that. Isn't it awkward when you're just thinking aloud on your blog and people rush in with all this condescending flattery? But too bad--I need to tell you how much I love your blog. I feel like I actually get to know you through it, and that's my favorite kind of blog. Also hard to find. Which is why I appreciate yours so much.