Friday, September 03, 2010

I really like

Pandora, all of a sudden.

People who genuinely love my children.

This expression of specific belief.

Saying "I believe" or "I'm coming to a belief" in favor of "I know" in formal bearing of religious testimony.

My mom and dad and brothers and sisters.

Long weekends.

Days with nothing whatsoever on my calendar.

Buying gifts for people.

Receiving gifts.

Eating out.

Exploring big cities by myself.

Beating Ryan at Scrabble.


My Blendtek blender.


mm said...

You have a Blendtek!!! Jealous.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your children, and I love that picture of Isaac and Norah! What was the occasion? I don't know what Pandora is. I am with you on everything else you said, except I could never beat Ryan at Scrabble. AG

Becky said...

I really like this post!
And it's picture!
And You!
And your kids!
(That I really like exclamation points is a given).
p.s. please come with me and my kids on a Mexican Riviera Cruise sometime this winter. Please.

abby said...

i think you should go on a cruise with becky!

and i really like dinner at your house and norah in a bonnet.

pam said...

I did notice the last time I was at your home that you had a new blender. So tell us what is so special about a Blendtek blender. Does it do things other blenders can't? The kids look cute in their pioneer costumes.