Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Would you say West Side Story is the most annoying musical?

We took the kids to a new-to-us restaurant last night: India Palace on Center Street. It was very delicious.

Mango lassis, vegetable samosas, um, who am I kidding, I can't remember the dishes' names.

We entertained Neil's favorite line of questioning, which goes something like: if you had to choose one ethnic cuisine to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, what would it be?

What a fun game that is.

The waitress at India Palace was rather smitten with Norah. She:
  • touched her cheeks multiple times
  • played with her hair
  • picked her up out of her chair and tried to get her to sit her bum up on the top of the chair, I guess so as to be eye level with her
  • spoon fed her rice multiple times
Really, this all happened. It was all done with lots of smiles and playful looks, plus she was ever such a nice Indian lady; but I am perplexed that I let it all happen. You know? Norah immediately shut down through it all, and looked very uncomfortable. And I let this strange woman continue to touch my daughter. Weird. If you are a stranger, please don't touch my children, okay?

Anyway, the food was good.

It's expensive to take seven people out to dinner, yet we continue to do it. It's one of our favorite things to do.

I failed to leave the house today, and I also failed to do much of anything that wasn't directly in response to Norah and/or Calvin and their very needy neediness. And then the Phillies lost, which I don't really care all that much about and I haven't watched one bit of the games, but my brothers like the Phillies, and my mom bought Calvin a Phillies sweatshirt, and I always like a forced game 7, so it would have been nice if they had won.

And now I'm wondering what kind of thing I will take up this winter to get to look forward to and to keep me from getting blue when Steve takes the kids skiing every weekend. Days like today remind me that it is not good for my soul to be home all day. I need a diversion.


AmyJune said...

Oh emily, I love you. And where is the part about Westside story?

Bryan said...

Yes! Strangers wanting to touch my child is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Natalie said...

blog=diversion:). is that selfish of me?

also, norah may need some counseling later in life to over come her fear of strangers, waitresses, and indian food. start saving, dinner for 7 just got even more expensive:).

Sarah said...

One should always root for the Yankees' opposition. Stinkin' Yankees.

I would say West Side Story is NOT the most annoying musical.

Visiting AZ is a good diversion for the near future.

Suzie Petunia said...

I completely understand. Really, I do.

But I like West Side Story.

Anonymous said...

I've been referring to West Side Story in class lately, because the tunes, especially "Maria", have some interesting intervals, like the tritone and the major 7th. I'd like to watch the new Broadway version.
Didn't we eat at that Indian restaurant with you? Maybe the touching is perfectly acceptable in that culture. But still . .
Have you thought of getting out your sewing machine? Or writing a book? AG

abby said...

mom told me to get out my sewing machine last night too. apparently it is the cure all! let's go to ikea soon soon. and i will make you another pillow for sure and you can also have one of mine because i don't need it but i just made it.

Neil and Diana said...

The vegetable biryani we had a year ago was better than any I've had in Tucson. What about yoga every day + a really good book? + Sarah's point about visiting AZ. Definitely.