Thursday, April 02, 2009

How well do you know my husband: Happy homemaker edition

1. Hypothetical: Steve has a couple hundred dollars at his disposal to spend as he pleases. Which of the following is near the top of his wish list?
a) a new suit that fits well
b) an ice cream maker
c) surround sound

2. Which of the following is a goal that Steve spends a decent amount of time thinking and talking about?
a) learning to make homemade yogurt
b) retaking that physics class that overwhelmed him in his undergrad days
c) mastering the John Denver anthology on his guitar

3. When the sun is shining, which of the following is Steve most likely to be doing?
a) pulling weeds in the yard
b) laying out
c) making Sunday dinner in the solar oven

4. Just about every night before he goes to bed, Steve:
a) gets a loaf of whole wheat bread started in the bread maker
b) watches the evening news
c) calls his parents to chat

5. The kids know daddy really, really loves them when he:
a) plays catch with them in the backyard
b) makes whole wheat pancakes from scratch on Saturday morning
c) works on finishing that go-cart (aka "Death Machine") sitting in the garage

6. If Emily were to, say, wipe down the kitchen counters, a somewhat likely mess she could find the next day might include:
a) tools from fixing that pesky leak in the faucet
b) sound recording magazines left out
c) flour that spilled out from the wheat grinder

7. Choose the best option for what Steve is most likely NOT doing on a Sunday morning:
a) poring over the lesson he is to teach n church
b) ironing the boys' shirts, and my clothes, too, if needed
c) putting dinner in the crockpot

And that concludes today's quiz. Please check your own answers, giving yourself three points for every answer that falls in the Happy Homemaker category.

16-21 points -- Congratulations! You really know him! You are invited over for some fresh, hot bread, anytime.
11-15 points -- You are a good friend, but you might make the mistake of inviting Steve to play basketball sometime, or even worse, to go shopping. We've all made that mistake at some point, don't fret.
10 or fewer points -- Did you pick John Denver or the evening news? Tsk, tsk. He is not who you think he is. Also, read the title of the quiz next time.


Steve said...

I like to ski, too.

Liz said... your quiz is awesome...but how come I can only see the left half of it? It's cropped off funny.

amyraye said...

aren't awesome husbands awesome?

Callie said...

Seeing as Steve made many of the main dishes at your house when we came over for dinner in Phoenix, and seeing as he brought us some of his home made pineapple salsa, and seeing his excitement when the Holloway's brought over homemade ice-cream - I choose all the answers that have to do with food. Now if I could just get some of that homemade bread...

Sarah said...

We miss dinner with the Craigs.

Emily said...

Sorry. I had to retype the comments into a new post to fix the justification.

Courtney said...

I still remember many, many years ago when Pam and kids were in Canada for their annual trip and Laurie had our family over for dinner. I was amazed that 1) he cooked and 2) he made melon balls. I guess Steve comes by it naturally between his dad and homemaker extraordinaire, Pam.

Emily said...

I forgot to put in a quiz question about the thing that made me blog about his domesticity in the first place: last night he was researching and purchasing his latest online find: a bag of xylitol. Yes, xylitol. I'll let you know what he does with it. Stronger teeth, here we come.

Didi said...

Wow Emily- you are so blessed! :)

Nancy said...

I got them all correct the first time, I think I'll take you up on the hot bread. I only hope to raise a son as wonderful as Steve, I mean that seriously.

Anonymous said...

I have witnessed Steve performing these skills. He is, indeed, one talented dude. I also know him as a Renaissance man - he paints and sketches, he writes, he sings, and he plays the guitar. And, he's good at all of them! I am an admirer. Amye G

Steve said...

And I ski, too.

pam said...

We are so glad Steve and the children have had a SAFE winter skiing, and it sounds like he enjoyed it! I tasted some pineapple salsa at the Paridise Bakery and loved it. If Steve's pineapple salsa is as good, bring some over!

Jen F. said...

Awesome...I'm coming over for bread. I've actually started making my own once a week. Let me know if Steve wants lessons. He can branch out from the breadmaker. We really need to have you guys over for dinner. I'm with Amye, definitely a Renaissance man!

amyegodfrey said...

And he skis, too!

Isaac said...

Impressive!! Now it's your turn Steve...we want to hear all about Emily's amazing talents too. I asked Sam to make a list of 100 things for my anniversary once....I'll start it. Emily #1 Always gets an "A" on her Statistics test, #2 Did I say really bright?
#3 amazing with a budjet
#4 great fundraiser organizer aka grassroots organizer! love it!
#5 makes three boys and a little girl function as smoothly in a family as butta....

Bryn said...

sorry that was me.

Bryn said...


Emily said...

Bryn, you are so cool. Thanks!

abby said...

steve and jamie were maybe separated at birth. we love steve.

amyegodfrey said...

They really are so much alike!

Andrew and Heidi said...

A husband who makes homemade bread and pineapple salsa? I'd hold onto him!!

Austin said...

When I grow up, I want to be like Steve.

Emily said...

Me too, Austin.