Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watch this

Not to offend any of my Repub friends (ahem, Abby), but Sarah Palin is a train wreck. She's just. not. ready.

(Steve's offended.)

Okay, funny. I didn't think it was working when I tried to embed. But it was, and I'm leaving it. Lots of Sarah Palins for your viewing pleasure.


Azúcar said...

She is a train wreck, and I say that with a little sadness because I didn't want her to be.

neil said...

That's a solid B+ performance.. for a 4th grader in social studies.

Callie said...

It almost annoys me that she is so unready...what was McCain thinking? It was obviously some political strategy on his part - that went horribly awry. I think the whole Republican ticket is a mess...not to offend anyone, but let's be real here.

Ashlee said...

Yes. It's embarrassing. But still not enough to go Barack.

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm with azucar... I wanted her to be amazing, but I am a little disappointed.

P.S. Call me today on my cell.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Do we have a little green eyed monster with all this criticism? I think she will measure up. Sorry to disappoint you. Didn't you ever get in over your head and find out who you really were? Yes, and so have we all. I am voting for Sarah to step up and be who she truly is. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Put her in your prayers instead of picking at her and see what happens. Annyomous cause you are all so great.

Callie said...

I'm not attacking Sarah Palin as a person...I am sure she is a great mom, wife, and maybe even governer. I am not perfect, but I am not running for VP either. Not that Palin has to be close to perfect, but I do feel she needs to be qualified. We have to be "picky" when choosing our VP! It is our right to be. If McCain wins, and then if something were to happen to him... Palin could very well find herself as President of this country. Are we really prepared for that? Is SHE really prepared for that??

Nancy said...

so are you announcing that you are a democrat?

Emily said...

anon, are we still friends? Also, since I don't know who you are, were we ever friends?

I don't think anyone needs to ever make personal attacks based on political views (as in: you're so dumb if you believe fill-in-the-blank OR you misunderstand your own religious beliefs if you vote for that person), nor do I think anyone needs to ever take someone else's political views personally (as in: that person doesn't want fill-in-the-blank to be elected, but I do, so that person is implying there's something wrong with me).

My sophomore year in college, I knew a guy who used the expression "train wreck" to describe everything in a whole range of spectrum of bad: from truly horrific to mildly unpleasant. It was sort of humorous when he would use it for things when clearly the expression didn't seem appropriate. I used it here as an inside joke with myself. If you think that instead I should go pray, then I am humbled by your suggestion. Please rest assured that I pray quite regularly.

Fancy Nancy, no announcements.

Emily said...

Also, I just "got" the expression "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" for the first time in my life! I always thought it meant: the tough run away, and it never made sense to me why people would say that. Do I get a B+, for fourth grade idioms?!

Didi said...

Whoaa! Way to open a bag of worms Emily. Though, knowing you, you were probably trying to start a good discussion. Palin certainly appears to not have the suave and smooth-talking persona as most politicians endrenched in the system but I think McCain chose wisely with her. Is she experienced enough? Does she have the credentials to be president? No, I don't think so, but I could argue the same for Obama. Listening to him makes me sick and quite frankly scared for our country if he is elected. Quite frankly, our options in this election are not spectacular but looking at all the issues and where they stand, I am still a strong Republican! Oh and Callie, it sounds like you finally became a citizen of our great country! Welcome to the political warfront! Ha ha ha ha. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad McCain knew what he was doing by picking someone who isn't so embedded in an excess amount of terms, self interests and agendas and may actually represent the peoples mind and not her own personal interests.
I am glad that a simple person like Palin can show us regular people can actually make the government of the people by the people and for the people! Why maybe even the one new voice to make changes in the areas where they are needed!
Here is a link on where each candidate stands relating to moral choices.

Maybe just consider a moral compass for your vote(s) and comments!

Callie said...

There are times when I feel, religion and politics can't always go hand in hand. Just because I lean toward a democrat rather than a Republic doesn't mean I am pro-choice or for gay marriage, and doesn't make me a hypocrit either. Having a Republican in office has done nothing for us "morally" the past 8years. Alot of influence Bush had on gay marriage in Vermont and California...A Republican President doesn't guarantee a moral country. I am honestly more concerned about my children's future, education, the economy, foreign affairs and health care. As for moral issues...we teach those in our home according to our beliefs and values. I look to the leaders of our church and the scriptures as a moral compass, not the President! McCain cheated on his first wife...but yet so many conservatives think he is better "morally"? It's who can better lead our country out of this huge mess...and at this point I can't help but favor Obama over McCain.

Anonymous said...

OK, lets cause some discussion:

The First Presidency has asked us to make a moral stand as the Saviour has as well. Should hear some more on Saturday and Sunday.

With that thought in mind would you consider Obama knowing he is a bi-sexual and has supported gay marriage openly?

Personally, I would recommend him as a leader for Sodom and Gomorah..Wait that is where we are already living may as well help the process along!

All of you are aware that there is plenty of homosexuality openly in the media and advertising almost everywhere. Your children are exposed to it daily due to the choices of those who manage our corrupt media.

Homosexuality is open rebellion against God, the state and the perpetuation of the human race.

McCain seems to have repented of his sins as aweful as they were. Obama appears to still embrace his.

Anonymous said...

I hate to talk politics or religeon, nut Obama is scary when it comes to how little he values human life. Have you seen the clip on you tube with the nurse talking how Obama voted THREE times to allow live abortions? The most liberal did not even agree with Obama. I use to want to vote for him, but looking at other things he voted for -WAY to liberal for me...

Didi said...

Okay, everyone. Too much contention here. Obviously, politics bring up high opinions and feelings. I think that as far as this blog goes, we all are striving for good and what is best for our children. If we are LDS we most probably don't agree with gay marriage if we follow the prophet. We all might have differing levels of tolerance towards those of an alternate nature as well. As far as Bush goes, I think he did a great job the first 4 years and not so good the last. I think many democrats have the same values and good ideals that I have, eventhough I'm Republican. I have found there is always good things that I support from the Democratic platform but the majority of things I support end up on the Republican side. I think I actually voted Democrat on one issue at one time. :) I could continue to debate what has been said on here in support of Obama - regarding the whole moral issues and the hypocrisy idea, but does it do any good really? I think we all probably have our own opinions and reasons for why we would go with one or the other for president and all we can really ultimately do is pray for the best. We know we are in the last days - times are not going to be good per say, but we can do the best we can and follow the one man we know is appointed from God - our prophet. I say to make the best decision you can based on what you know and what is most important to you. Hopefully it will turn out to be the right one in the end.

Emily said...

Anonymous, your comments are inflammatory and offensive and you need to stand behind them with a name, or take it somewhere else.

Ryan said...

Really well put, Callie.

Anonymous, would you like a simple person with a new voice in medicine to perform your child's lung transplant, or would you prefer someone who had some intellect and some serious medical training, maybe graduated at the top of her medical school class?

What happens if McCain wins and drops dead in May? (William Henry Harrison lasted 31 days in office.) Can you really imagine this woman leading our nation through maybe the most critical time in our history since WWII?

Whatever you think about Obama and his policies, if you saw the debate on Friday you can't doubt his raw ability to handle the job, 85% of which is leadership and behaving presidentially.

I cannot wait for there to be a woman president (ideally not Hillary Clinton) some day, but if it turns out to be Palin, I'm moving to New Zealand, so help me Moose, and Moose help the rest of you poor saps.

BTW, check out Kathleen Parker in the National Review. There's no shortage of voices across the political spectrum who think she's a terrible and dangerous choice for this country.

Ryan said...

Anonymous, we're obviously hanging out in different sections of the internet. This is the first time I've heard those particular slanders about Obama.

Did you know John McCain holds the Navy record for murdering the most puppies in a four-hour period?

Tom Helm said...

Thank you Emily for calling out Anonymous. Faceless opinions are empty. My contribution to this blog is that I'm a proud independent. My life experiences, opinions, and beliefs can not be boxed into the two party system. I have never voted a straight ticket and will never vote a straight ticket. This election will be decided by people like me. Our views and observations go way beyond chain E-Mails, political ads, rumors, blogs, and obligation to a party. We know that we are blessed to live in a society where we can analyze the facts, employ our intellect, remove emotion, and make judgement based on truth. From what I have seen so far, my vote will likely be for Obama. I have many independant friends who feel the same way. For us its a matter of looking at the entire picture. America has lost tremendous ground in the last 8 years. Another 4 years of the same ideals will further degrade our childrens future. Too many fronts are failing to risk another republican in office.

Emily said...

The thing I'm most concerned about at this point is that Abby didn't comment, which leads me to believe that I offended her. Abra, you know I love you!

Emily said...

On the topic at hand.

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily and group,

I have not made all of the anonymous comments so why would I take credit for all of them? But I take credit for the one(s) that I posted.

I posted the moral choices link that shows where each party stands based on their comments, recorded votes while in office with supporting links for your research as they are not hearsay.

Palin may not seem as smart as some others may claim as she speaks, but she seems to be in the running as Vice President and it is currently running a state larger than most of the continental US. Did I mention all of us are not likely running even the smallest city? Maybe the intelligence of the current blog poster is self perceived as so high that one may consider themself far above or better than those who are slow of speech? Moses was slow of speech - he did more than ok with some help! A regular person who isn’t a Harvard graduate, debate team, raised with the most worldly wealth, in the correct circles of money and the influential elite or the status quo “in group” would seem refreshing to the majority of Americans or so one might be inclined to think!

If you are offended by Obamas' sexual orientation I apologize for not currently being able to share the source, but if you check his records and where he stands on the matters of morals, you may be able to figure it out for yourself without the proof yet! Or maybe not! The government source can't be shared at this time. Sorry for getting too emotional and telling why I won't support him to friends.

While most of you sleep though, I can tell you this, California, Florida and Arizona are all proposing amendments, without any presidential candidates endorsement, homosexual marriage or traditional marriage to be decided as part of the State constitutions in November! If the people sit back quietly and do nothing the consequences will be grevious..

The Prophet has called all members of the Church in these three states to make a moral stand for traditional marriage and whichever candidates support it. Here is one church link the members have been requested to read:

I am making my stand without reservation and merely shared with friends.

Dear Tom,
I agree and feel that allegiance to only party instead of morals is truly foolish. I am an independent that votes based on my knowledge of the moral stance of each individual running and all other facts and information I can gather from known reliable military, government and other resources (sometimes the news but they are shady and very biased at best.) I have always voted independently but this year both parties have some real drawbacks!

For all who wish to try this I was amazed at how it worked out:

If you want to see who you should vote for based on who you truly
agree with, take the test at the following ABC News web site. It is
13 questions with the two candidate's answers. Without telling you who said what, you choose which answer you agree with most. After selecting answers for these 13 questions, the results show you who you actually agree with.

Emily said...

Except, I asked two things:

Please use your name

Please don't assume that I don't understand my own belief system

Thanks. Kisses.

Azúcar said...

Thanks for spreading lies!

Always fun to see Swift-boating at work in our democracy!

I am making a moral stance: I am voting for the man who has one wife, who didn't leave his wife for a younger model.

I am voting for the man who does NOT support gay marriage and who doesn't like abortion either but recognizes, as does the church, that there are exceptions.

"I do not believe gay marriage should be legal" Huh. Obama quote.

And after eight years of a "conservative" and "moral" administration, we have the largest debt, the biggest expansion of the federal government, foreign entanglements, legal gay marriage, legal abortion, pending bail-outs of the free market, tell me, can you as a conservative countenance eight more years of that kind of conservatism?

It's mind-boggling.

Azúcar said...

And as for Sarah Palin...

I didn't want her to be a train wreck because it's embarrassing as a woman to be told that she's the most qualified candidate for the job. It's INSULTING.

Christine Todd Whitman?
Olympia Snow? No, Palin.

It didn't necessarily matter to me that she and I feel differently on most issues, I wanted to respect her for being a public servant we can be proud of.

Her lack of seasoning is an embarrassment and a slap in the face.

It's not about line upon line of experience, checking the boxes, it's about judgment, the ability to think through issues and present a coherent view. She has been unable to show us that she's capable of handling the pressure and the scrutiny.

If she can't handle KATIE COURIC then what the name of all that is holy is she going to do in a room with Vladimir Putin? Let him know that she'll "get back" to him?

It's hardly fair to her, she wasn't ready. In a few more years? Maybe. Now? In this election? With this president (who should have been the Repub candidate in 2000 by the way) who will be the oldest we've ever elected? Who has lingering health issues? Not on your life, not on my life, and not on my babies lives.

neil said...

Homosexuality is open rebellion against God

the church (via anonymous):
The Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility towards homosexual men and women.


Emily said...

I welcome discussion and dialogue and differing viewpoints. However, I am not accepting any more anonymous comments on this post.

Poppy and Peony said...

Oh it actually makes me feel bad for her, wouldn't make me vote for her mind you ;)

I think this video says it all, sadly. I just wonder if the right people are watching/reading/reflecting!