Monday, September 03, 2007

Thinking about missing Phoenix

orange blossoms
warm rain
my parents
the Suns
hiking in the city
excellent shopping
Fox concept restaurants
summer resort deals
competitive grocery stores
out-of-this-world thunderstorms
easily navigable streets
Mesa temple
walking to the library
boating trips
the Phoenix Zoo
book club
flash floods
casual, down-to-earth people
concert venues
downtown Scottsdale
Mexican food
Phoenix Art Museum
retractable roofs
cub scouts
missionary opportunities
Village Vista Elementary
my ob/gyn clinic
close proximity to Target
60 degree Christmases
my hairstylist
throwing showers with Jami
family dinners
Kierland Commons
anything anyone might need is here
strong people network that comes with living somewhere for 16 years
our house


Neil and Diana said...

Will Steve get private-jet perks? Because you could easily work out a monthly visit plan.

Chelle said...

That final goodbye to parents and loved ones when you drive away is a killer. I'm not gonna lie. Simply because that particular chapter in your life is gone.

The good news is that you seem like the kind of person that will find all of these beautiful things (and more!) that you love in your new home state. I already have a long list of things that I love about being back here (for me the move to Utah was a return to family and my roots).

Best of luck with the good, the bad, the ugly of moving. There is inevitably a bit of all three in the mix.

Abby said...

I think I'm kind of casual and down-to-earth.

Jami said...


I blogged about you...

What a great list of things to miss.

Courtney said...

We'll miss you at all of the family (sort-of) parties. Plus, you are kind of the Kevin Bacon of Arizona - somehow you are connected to everybody.

Mandy said...

I have lived in Utah for 10 years and still miss Phoenix for many of the resaons on your list. And I cry when I leave AZ to come back to Utah. But I love it here too. And I am sure you will as well.

Kacy said...

Don't worry. There's xeriscape in Utah.

debi said...

I agree with most of those. Eat at as many great restaurants as you can before you go (specifically mexican) because they just don't have them here. And buy lots of Diamondbacks/Suns stuff, because it's harder to find.

But... Utah does have lots of really fabulous qualities. You're moving at the perfect time. Fall is AMAZING! It's reason enough to live here.

Catherine said...

Hopefully you will soon be able to write a list (equal in length) about the things you love here. We can't wait to have you! When are you coming?

Emily said...

Thinking about being excited about living in Utah:

casual and down-to-earth people
xeriscape (!)

All fantastic! Cath, we'll be there in two weeks. Whoa. When can I see you?

Diana, BYU is all over the private jets. Do you have any idea how cool this school is? It beat UA in football on Saturday. That's how cool. Twice-monthly visits.

Jami, you're even cooler than BYU.

Courtney, that was a nice compliment. Thanks.

Nancy said...

There is a lot to love, buy your heart will be in Utah when that is where your family is. I could make just as big a list of the things I don't like about AZ too. But you're right, it will always be home.

Chelle said...

Xeriscape? hmmmmm. I had to google it to find out what the heck that is. See? My list continues to grow.

Christen said...

Emily you will truly be missed! Thank heavens for blogs and family in Utah to keep in touch! We will definitely plan to visit on our yearly are amazing in so many ways...Jami's list hit the top ten!

Sarah said...

Some of those things are in Utah too, but I hope you come back often for the things that aren't. We will really miss you.

MarySue said...

Darling Emily-I HAD to come back home to AZ from my OR vacation and was dreading it. I'm trying to have a good attitude because the heat is so hard for me to handle. I think I've been doing fairly well but sooooo happy I came to visit you (blogwise)today. You've made me appreciate AZ much, much more. Attitude is such the power. Keep blogging and inspiring.