Monday, April 17, 2006

Start spreading the news

I'm leaving in 11 days. I want to be a part of it. New York, New York!

Question: if YOU had parts of three days to spend in NYC, what would you do? Where would you go? Where would you suggest that Steve and I go, assuming that we are already over the Statue of Liberty thing, without ever having seen it? Any amazing restaurants that are not to be missed? The best show to see that is likely to still have tickets available? I am planning our itinerary and need some input.

Ditto for Philadelphia.


c jane said...

Geez girl you don't stay put.

I love the Met.

Are you into art?

neil and diana said...

chinatown. the new-ish moma and the met. and walk a lot. visit galleries in soho and see a movie at the angelika. go to a french cafe! liza says eat at docks on the upper west side.

ahc said...

I love the Met and the MOMA. Go to Chinatown (eat Dim Sum there for lunch one day). Rockefeller Center is kind of a fun area to walk around in. Also, take a stroll through Central Park. "Ground Zero" is worth seeing as well.

I'd skip the Statue of Liberty as well. Although, I would recommend going to Ellis Island. If you had ancestors pass through there, it can be kind of a spiritual experience.

AddledWriter said...

Head downtown...South Street Seaport is wonderful - good for shopping and just looking at the view of Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge. As a matter of fact, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, too. It's free! Then have some brick-oven Grimaldi's pizza to put back on the weight you lost walking over the beautiful, beatiful bridge.

Ground Zero is not that far from there, too, if you can stomach the site. They're rebuilding.

By the way, I only check in here once in a while through the links of the talented Mr. Monoglot, but great blog.

Emily said...

Thank you for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

Eliza said...

From someone who's never lived in NY but loves to visit: These are all touristy and not very new but...

Parks are good (Central, Washington Square, Bryant, Battery). I like the Long Island ferry, which is free and takes you right past the Statue of Liberty for those of us who are uninterested in the actual statue but interested in a free ride and nice views.

I like shopping or just walking on 5th Ave--Tiffany's and all that. For atmosphere, mostly.

I was going to mention South Street Seaport as well--also for the atmosphere and because the Brooklyn Bridge really is beautiful.

Wall Street, the Met, Guggenheim, MOMA, and really just walking around is my favorite thing. I love the Chrysler Building (never been inside, but isn't it great from the outside?). Times Square is horrible and crowded but fun at night, I think. I love the NY Public Library and Bryant Park, just a few minutes' walk away from TS. And there's the Manhattan temple.

Also, I kinda like riding the subway except for the urine/human smell in the stations. And Grand Central Station is fun.

If you're a Harry Connick Jr. fan he's in a play on Broadway, The Pajama Game.

Anyway. Have fun!

Oh yeah and I've never been to Philadelphia but I just watched National Treasure a few weeks ago, cheesy but fun Disney movie if you haven't seen it. Umm...get a cheesesteak sandwich? Go to the courthouse steps or wherever it was that Rocky trained? And...I GUESS...the Liberty Bell...

Eliza said...

That was a really long comment. Sorry!

Michelle said...

Wow - 3 days. I ditto the walking suggestion - walk everywhere - you'll see lots more. If you're by the temple, go up to 72nd St. and Broadway and get a Grey's Papaya hot dog. They're the best. Then walk east toward Central Park and explore through there awhile (if you keep going east at 72nd you'll find the big fountain they always use in movies, then walk south out of the park and you'll end up in Columbus Circle). I'd skip the Met - it's too big for a quick visit, but the MOMA is great. My favorite French bakery is Payard at 73rd St. and Lexington - it's delicious, sit in the front area (little "coffee" tables, but you don't have to get coffee).

Man oh man, I could keep going. People like Filene's Basement for cheap finds (Broadway and 79th). Wall Street is interesting - especially the cemeteries down there. Bouley Bakery is close by in Tribeca - very expensive but oh so delicious. You've gotta have one splurge, right? Wicked is great on Broadway, don't know if you can get tickets. Try the TKTS counter in Times Square - discounted tickets but not always the best shows, especially if you're not first in line - you have to line up an hour before they open.

OK, I have to stop. Good luck and have fun! Don't be afraid of the subway or the buses (they take the same subway card) and if you have to take a taxi - don't tip them 20%!

nag said...

you're going to philadelphia too? i have a brother lives there..

Emily said...

Nag, I'll look up your brother if I get a chance.