Monday, May 02, 2011


I love to travel. I crave change and newness and trying new things. I believe LDS temples are among the holiest of places on this earth. I enjoy setting concrete goals that I can work toward systematically or incrementally.

For these reasons, I want to visit all the operating temples on the planet. There are 134 currently in operation. Here are the ones I've been inside.

St. George Utah
Logan Utah
Manti Utah
Salt Lake
Cardston Alberta
Mesa Arizona
Los Angeles California
Oakland California
Ogden Utah
Provo Utah
Jordan River Utah
Boise Idaho
Denver Colorado
Portland Oregon
Las Vegas Nevada
San Diego California
Bountiful Utah
Mount Timpanogos Utah
Vernal Utah
Albuquerque New Mexico
Snowflake Arizona
Redlands California
Manhattan New York
Newport Beach California
Rexburg Idaho
Draper Utah
Oquirrh Mountain Utah

While I don't count these toward my goal, I also find this list interesting. It is temples I have seen in person and/or traveled to the city but for whatever reason have not gone inside. I intend to revisit all of these places and rectify that.

Laie Hawaii
Idaho Falls Idaho
London England
Washington D.C.
Chicago Illinois
Toronto Ontario
Madrid Spain
Palmyra New York
Oklahoma City Oklahoma


Becky said...

Amazing list, Em! I hope you make it to each and every one of them, dear :)

Sarah said...

this is an impressive list. i like lists. glad you're keeping one.

amyegodfrey said...

Wow! I have only been in 9 of your top list, but have been in 2 of the bottom list. You are, indeed, quite the traveler and temple attender.

Amy said...

I'm impressed. I think I've only been inside of 6 different temples.

Jord said...

I love the blinging background and think that a completely worthwhile and awesome goal. You'll definitely do it!

Yellowgirl said...

What a beautiful, worthy goal! Let me know when you come to Washington DC :)

Rachel said...

This has always been one of my desires. Since the Manila Phillipines temple opened I have always said if I get to any temple outside of the states it would be that one. Well moving to Mexico changed that but its still on the list :)